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JavaCowboy 08-31-03 04:44 PM

gcc versions out of sync
I recently upgraded my video card to a NVIDIA GeForce 2 card. Naturally, I wanted a Linux driver for this card.

The first thing I did was download an installer program from the NVIDIA site. That program asked if I wanted to have the driver compiled. I said yes. The program then complained that the version of gcc on my system was different than the version that was used to compile my kernel.

The README suggested I run:

cat /proc/version

To get the version of gcc that was used to compile my kernel. The answer was 3.2.1

Then it suggested I run

gcc -v

To get the version of gcc that's currently on my system. That version is 3.2.2.

I recompiled my kernel, thinking that it would now be compiled under gcc 3.2.2. I rebooted and tried to compile the nvidia module. It gave me the same error message.

Is there a way for me to:

a) Jury-rig GNUmake into ignoring the fact that the kernel and gcc versions are out of sync.
b) Fix the kernel compilation to use 3.2.2
c) Something else I haven't thought of

Moled 08-31-03 05:03 PM


then reinstall and it should work

now if you had searched the forums you would have found lots and lots of threads on this issue

clearly the search button needs to be bigger

unhappy_mage 09-03-03 09:37 AM

copy after compilation?
did you copy the arch/i386/boot/bzImage to /boot? if so, then check your lilo/grub config and make sure they reference that rather than the prepackaged bzImage. The kernel may be compiled, but if you're not booting it, then it makes no difference.

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