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lduguay 01-30-12 01:14 PM

RIP second Samsung 305T
My first Samsung 305T completely died a year ago after about 2-3 years of sporadic usage.
Now my second 305T went :zombie3:

Like this:

Just received a brand new Dell U3011. :( Not impressed so far.

Roadhog 01-30-12 01:15 PM

Re: RIP second Samsung 305T
why dont you like the 3011?

lduguay 01-30-12 01:31 PM

Re: RIP second Samsung 305T
Well, I only have about 6 hours of quality time with it so far, but I've noticed that the vertical viewing angle is not that great. I did not expect that from an H-IPS panel. My old 305Ts had crappy color fidelity, but the viewing angles were good.

I see quite a bit of backlight bleeding also.

I use a HP ZR30W at work, good monitor.

lduguay 01-30-12 03:46 PM

Re: RIP second Samsung 305T
Yep, I might just buy myself a ZR30W and swap wifey's monitor with my U3011. :)

Bman212121 01-30-12 05:02 PM

Re: RIP second Samsung 305T
Wow that's a really weird failure. I've never seen anything like that happen before.

lduguay 01-31-12 02:22 PM

Re: RIP second Samsung 305T
Most 305T dies within 2 years and exhibits all kinds of video distortions.
I would need to buy a driver board (LTM300M1C8lv3.2). For 250$+ shipping I could get a refurb. Only that it will die in the next year or so. F*** that s*** (lee63)

AdamK47 02-02-12 10:50 PM

Re: RIP second Samsung 305T
I've used the Dell U3011 and noticed the backlight bleed as well. That's one of the reasons I went with a DoubleSight DS-307W. No backlight bleed at all and it's the same H-IPS panel. It's also an all aluminum construction.

I think people have been conditioned to automatically go with Dell monitors. I've always hated Dell, so there's little chance I'd ever get a Dell anything for my own personal computer.

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