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Vardant 01-31-12 06:16 AM

NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
Windows 7 64bit Download

Windows 7 32bit Download

Windows XP 64bit Download

Windows XP 32bit Download


New in 295.51


Adds SLI profiles for :
  • 7554
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Oil Rush
  • Red Faction: Armageddon

3D Vision

Adds support for 3D Vision windowed mode on DLP HDTVs and on Optimized for GeForce passive 3D monitors

Adds or updates 3D Vision profiles for:
  • The Adventures of Tintin – rated Good
  • Afterfall: Insanity – rated Fair
  • Black Prophecy – rated Not Recommended
  • Chaos Online – rated Fair
  • Da Vinci Online – rated Fair
  • DotA 2 – rating upgraded to Fair
  • Dungeon and Dragons: Daggerdale – rated Fair
  • Ferrari Project – rated Not Recommended
  • The First Templar – rated Fair
  • Fractal – rated Excellent
  • FreeStyle 2 – rated Good
  • The Haunted Halls Reach – rated Excellent
  • King Arthur II – DQ
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – rated Fair
  • Kong Fu Ying Xiong – rated Fair
  • Love Beat – rated Good
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online – rated Good
  • Microsoft Flight – rated Fair
  • Perpetuum – rated Fair
  • Post Apocalyptic Mayhem – rated Fair
  • Prototype 2 – rated Fair
  • Q.U.B.E. – rated Excellent
  • Quan Qiu Shi Ming – rated Excellent
  • rFactor 2 (mod mode) – rated Good
  • Saints Row: The Third – Rated Not Recommended
  • Shadow Company: Left for Dead – rated Not Recommended
  • Special Force – Rated Good
  • Tera – rated Good
  • Top Gun: Hard Lock – rated Not Recommended
  • Tropico 4 – rated Good
  • Worms Blast – rated Good

  • Updates PhysX System Software to 9.11.1111

HD Audio
  • Updates HD Audio to version

Key Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Fixes instances where the GeForce GTX 590 fan unnecessarily increased to 100%.
  • Fixes instances of driver timeouts while simultaneously watching multiple videos.
  • Adds edit/delete option for custom resolutions.
  • Other Details

Yaboze 01-31-12 07:10 AM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
Nice to have new drivers, but it's been months since a WHQL.

mailman2 01-31-12 07:50 AM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
Wonder if these are a performance driver that close the gap between the 580 and the 7950/7970.... if ATIs drivers don't already put you off... 10% performance driver would close the gap and please the green customers.

Yaboze 01-31-12 08:27 AM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
On Geforce.com if you go through the normal methods you can get just a english version instead of the larger international version. Just sayin.

frenchy2k1 01-31-12 12:56 PM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
Anyone had a look at the inf?
Are any of the incoming cards defined (6XX series)?
I doubt that they have much more perfs to get out of the 580. It is basically a 480+ (same architecture), so the drivers should be very mature by now.

i SPY 01-31-12 01:13 PM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
only lower-end 640gt and mobile 610m

Yaboze 02-01-12 09:10 AM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
I'm trying these out. They don't seem any different than the 285.62's. No issues to report. I'm playing SWTOR with them and it seems fine, not really any improvement there, but definitely not worse. :)

When these install, they show Skyrim screens in the little preview window that shows. So I guess Skyrim will run better than with the 285.62's but Skyrim always ran well for me.

EricBergan 02-02-12 01:07 PM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
Two TDR's yesterday, and another one this morning. All while using IE. Doesn't look like any progress on this problem. Probably explains why WHQL keeps getting delayed - imagine this getting pushed out to all users in windows update? Even if it is only a few percent that experience the problem, the support challenge would be very large...


Muppet 02-03-12 07:03 AM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
All good here. These appear to be keepers.

i SPY 02-03-12 10:56 AM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
I dont like them.. 290.53 were better in Bf3, less streaming stuttering in Metro map (outside)

Also there is a smoke issue with ultra setting, it has a see trough effect on certain buildings, it goes away on high. 290.53 were fine even on ultra.

So far only good driver since r270 is 285.62 and 285.79... nvidia watcha doin?


This is weird, now with 295.51 i can use my std OC again.

Cpu 3.6ghz, ram 1080mhz and also advanced timings at auto (5-5-9-70-5-prf.lvl.7-auto-2t).

This passed Re5 dx10 - both variable/fixed benchmark without fps drops by changing camera angles - im really surprised about that, because it would cause fps drops with higher tRFC 82, compared to 290.37 that stabilized it..
I then tested max 1092mhz with adv timings at auto just to see if it would pass, but yeah tRFC 70 is to tight.

well i never used this low timings and passed something like Re5 dx10- variable test, esp now with all 4 ram slots filled.

With older 290.37 driver i had to raise my adv timing(s) like so 5-5-10-82-5-prf.lvl7-auto-2t or it would freeze with high pitch sound.. It can happen in very cpu/ram intense games like LP2 dx11-variable test, Re5 dx10-variable test, Teamfortress2 - 32player maps, MEtro2033 - benchmark (high mode, dx11), Dirt3, i didnt have BF3 yet when i used these drivers.

now with 290.53 I saw quite a few people having the same problems as me - mostly LGA775. They had to either raise timings/voltage or lower OC, or get bsod.. lol i got a couple of bsod too in Dirt3 until i raised that timing in bold (tRFC or act to act delay), with 290.37 i could use 82 with 290.53 it failed even at 90 - in BF3 with *peeeeeeeep* high pitch sound freeze.. In the end i had to lower my OC from 3.60ghz to 3.56ghz, ram 1068mhz and passed BF3 ~3hrs.

Looks like nvidia really listened..

Im gonna see how it goes now, lol Bf3 will tell really quick (lee)

-=DVS=- 02-04-12 12:19 PM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
These drivers screw up playback of my 1080p ts. tp. 60fps video files , CPU utilization skyrockets and starts chugging at 30fps with horrid skipping all around.

Gone back to 290.36 hardware acceleration works properly here.

Muppet 02-04-12 09:24 PM

Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51
I must be the only one who is happy with these.

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