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ULNVRNO 09-01-03 10:15 PM

XFree86 Driver not found.
Very new to Linux( 20 years plus in Microsoft).

I installed RH9 a couple of weeks ago, Installation appears to be perfect, however when I tried to play Q3demo ( I'm not a player of games, I just wanted to see what it looked like)
it refuses to boot into the game, says no GL.
I looked into XFree86 log and it tells me ,
(EE){glx} failed to add glx extensions(NVIDIA XFree86 drivers not found).
Everything else is working fine, can anyone offer a solution.
AMD1800 Xp Athlon, 512 DDr, TNT 2 64(32 megs) .

cyberpunk71 09-02-03 12:11 AM

XFreee86 Config File
Check your XFree86 Config File and make sure it loading the right driver for your video card.

What kind of video card do you have?

Most Nvidia video cards are support by XFree86 4.0 and higher.

cyberpunk71 09-02-03 12:49 AM

XFree86 problem
Oh Yeah. Check out the linux driver on Nvidia's website. Its got really nice installation instruction and troubleshooting document.

ULNVRNO 09-02-03 03:06 AM

Thanks for the reply. Please note I said at the start I am VERY NEW to Linux. At the bottom of my question I have put TNT2 64(32 megs) that is the video card.
As I am new I don't know what my XFree86 config is or how to get to it.

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