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Razor 09-02-03 01:27 AM

i am on Suse 8.2 with nvidia geforce2 MX 400. HELP
I tried to install the RPM drivers, but they didnt work the way they should -> Kernel didnt load.
Anyway, would anyone explain to me (to a NOOB :) ) how to get the thing working so I could play some OpenGL 3D games? Step by step please, i will be thankful to anyone. (I suppose I have to compile the kernel??)

mad_ape 09-02-03 11:07 AM

dont use the RPMS, they are for SUSE 8.1 and lower use this nvidia installer --- http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._1.0-4496.html

on the istall part i did it this way:

1) logout (to the login window)
2) hit CTRL+ALT+F1 to bring up the console
3) login as root
4) change to init 3 (type init 3)
5) run the nvidia installer

*PS. if the installer cant find a precompiled kernel image and if it cant compile one just dowload the kernel-source using YAST update, then the installer will be able to compile one

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