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chris 09-02-03 04:23 AM

no X with GeForce4
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try to get the GeForce4 MX/Ti running with the 1.0-4496 driver in the following environment:

- Mainboard: MSII MS-6737 ATX (chipset SIS645)
- Processor: Intel Celeron
- Distribution: Debian 3.0 with Xfree 4.1
- Kernel: 2.4.21, compiled with AGP as module and no framebuffer support

When starting X, only random charcters appear on the screen and the display freezes, forcing me to do a reboot with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Disabling AGP in the nvidia driver (option NvAGP) does not help.

The hardware seems ok, as X works in 800x600 mode with the vesa driver.

I have attached my XF86-config-4, the Xserver logfile and my kernel config (just in case I missed some obvious kernel option like CONFIG_CRASH_NVIDIA=y or so ;-).

Any hints appreciated.


chris 09-02-03 10:05 AM

Fortunately I have found someone who was ready to exchange his GeForce2 with my GeForce4, so that I now have a working X with a GeForce2 and the XFree nv driver.

Strangely, nvidia's own driver does not work with this old card either. Thus I guess that I missed some kernel config option for making teh driver work.

As I do not care about OpenGL, I am happy with the nv driver and the issue is closed for me.


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