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flipster23 09-02-03 12:32 PM

4363 driver, minion.de patch, 2.6.0-test4 kernel = eats all resources :(
Previous to successfully using 2.6.0-test3 and minion.de's patches for the nvidia drivers, I had no problems at all running America's Army with my geforce 4 ti4200 on my VIA KT266 motherboard. When test4 came out, I patched the 4363 drivers with minion.de 2.6.0-test4 patch. There were no errors that I could see from the patch, or during nvidia kernel module compile. My computer, with the test4 kernel, booted and loaded the nvidia module just fine. So I went ahead and loaded Americas Army for linux, and noticed that the hard drive was grinding away, and did that for quite a while. I ssh'd to the machine and noticed that there was no available swap or ram. I killed America's Army process and immediately all swap space was freed, as well as the RAM. This had never occurred before while running the game, or with previous versions of the 2.6.0-test series.

My configuration file for the kernel was identical to 2.6.0-test3. So the only differences were the patches for the nvidia drivers, and the kernel itself.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or anything similar to it doing other things, after upgrading to 2.6.0-test4 and using the patches for the nvidia drivers?

I realize the patches are experimental and not officially supported, I just want to make sure that any problems that might exist don't make it into a final version when 2.6.0 goes gold.

Thanks, and please post if you are experiencing these symptoms.


zander 09-02-03 03:29 PM

I've heard of one other user who has similar problems with Linux 2.6.0-test4; which driver release were you using with Linux 2.6.0-test3? Do you experience this problem with the 1.0-4363 driver release you are currently using and Linux 2.6.0-test3 (unset CONFIG_PCI_NAMES in the -test3 configuration or revert the -test3-bk5 patch to allow the current 1.0-4363 release to build against -test3). This is important to identify the problem.

flipster23 09-02-03 05:27 PM

For test3 I used 4496 and 4363. I switched back to 4363 very quickly when I realized that it provided 5fps more than 4496 in America's Army. For both test3 and test4 I had enabled fast writes and sideband addressing for the AGPGART agp driver. It is my understanding that these settings can lean to instability, but I had no problems after hours of playing America's Army under test3. For agp I configured the kernel to use VIA chipset support.

BTW, my computer has 512MB of RAM, and I am using MSI motherboard with VIA KT266 chipset, and an Athlon processor at 1.4GHz, I didn't mention those facts before.

As far as minion driver patches, I used the same patch they had posted for test2. All I had to do for test3 was recompile the sources I had patched for test2.

When test4 came along, I downloaded fresh source for the nvidia driver after I had unsuccessfully tried to re-compile the same code from test2 and test3 (I had gotten messages about unidentified symbols or something, that's what I went to minion.de and read up on the renaming of PCI stuff). I used the patch from minion.de dated 7/31/2003 under the 4363 heading on their web page to patch the fresh 4363 code.

I hope I answered your questions. If you want anyting else let me know. I can try it again if you want, maybe change some things to try process of elimination. All I have to is re-add the 2.6.0-test4 back to lilo and redo the drivers.

zander 09-03-03 07:11 AM

Could you give 1.0-4496 a try and/or post your kernel configuration file? It doesn't seem that the problem is strictly related to either Linux 2.6.0-test4 or 1.0-4363/1.0-4496.

flipster23 09-14-03 01:20 PM

ok now?
Well since test5 came out I have successfully gotten the drivers to work with that. I think I might have screwed up patching previously or something. All is good now for me in test5 and America's Army.

zander 09-14-03 03:21 PM

Either that or something got fixed; it's good to hear that it's working for you now.

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