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XP_GUN 02-15-12 02:04 PM

Intergraph GL2 Restoration
Need some old school computer ideas with this PC! :D

So I was at my local Goodwill dropping off some old computer parts that I will no longer be needing, such as old random CPU's and fans. So after that I always seem to walk in to see if they have any cool parts in their huge PC section, they have everything, graphics cards, ram, hard drives, they now even have CPU/motherboard combos on old AMD64, heck this is the place I got my Geforce FX 5800 Ultra :)

Anyway I was looking down the rows and I found a awesome old PC being sold as-is for $9, it was a Intergraph GL2 TDZ 2000. So I opened it up and saw it was a Pentium II with a dual CPU motherboard "always wanted one", and I think a Wildcat 4000 3D graphics card's. I asked why it was being sold as-is and they said they don't touch really old tech realizing that it was around 15 years old.

So I took it home and played around with it some, I took out the old hard drives since they where not working with me and replaced it with a IDE one and installed Windows 2000, to my surprise everything works. So now I am planing on making it into a old gaming computer, play some QuakeII, and Doom. Maybe more. But the main focus is to make it look awesome since I want it to stand out like a old retro PC!

So far.
Painted the inside black
Purchased another Pentium II 400Mhz
Purchased a new small motherboard speaker
Replaced the PSU
Installed 200GB HD - might replace it with a small one

I plan on.
Install a window
Restoring the outside panels
Ditching the old non matched SD-RAM
I'm thinking about putting some purple lights inside the cause such as 2 LED fans.

I guess the real question is the Wildcat 4000 is more for development then gaming in terms of graphics, but it so big and cool I don't know if I want to ditch it. Any old Graphics card ideas would be great. I was thinking about spending the money and buying myself a Voodoo 5500 :D

But yeah any ideas to make this amazing!





Roadhog 02-15-12 03:11 PM

Re: Intergraph GL2 Restoration

XP_GUN 02-15-12 05:03 PM

Re: Intergraph GL2 Restoration

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