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Yaboze 02-22-12 08:08 AM

WD Blue vs Black
What's the difference in these drives from Western Digital, aside from the cache? I know the "Black" are the higher end drives, but is the cache the only difference?

tjohn 02-22-12 09:33 AM

Re: WD Blue vs Black
I don't know the tech details but I have had not one problem with blue, black, or green WD drives. I've used quite a few.

mullet 02-22-12 09:54 AM

Re: WD Blue vs Black


Performance. The Black is optimized for performance at the expense of noise and power consumption, the blue is a general use drive, designed to be a good balance of performance, power consumption, and noise, and the green is designed to use as little power and make as little noise as possible at the expense of performance.

nekrosoft13 02-22-12 10:59 AM

Re: WD Blue vs Black
green are junk, blue and black should be ok.

XDanger 02-22-12 04:03 PM

Re: WD Blue vs Black

Originally Posted by zer0 (Post 2530659)
avoid green at all costs!

WD green is PEOPLE!

Dr.Nick 02-24-12 12:39 PM

Re: WD Blue vs Black
I could be mistaken but the black series also sport dual controllers, firmware tuned for performance and a longer warranty. They are a better choice if you're going to use for the OS

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