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awwaegli 09-04-03 04:18 AM

Installation Problems
I just tried installing the newest linux drivers (IA32) and modified the XF86Config file as directed and upon loading X, ASCII characters appear all over the screen and the system freezes. Does anybody know why it's doing this?


Colazwerg 09-04-03 05:54 AM

I know, my reply won't help you a lot, but I've got the same problem, described in another thread here.

Are there any solutions, which could help us installing the drivers?

blakeyez 09-04-03 07:56 AM

This problem, from what I've read and from my own experience with my machine here, is highly dependent upon your system.

For me, using a Shuttle SN41G2 system (nForce2 mobo using onboard video), I found that having just the right combination of bios and kernel settings fixed the problem. I have the nforce2 agpgart patch installed with AGPGART='y' in my kernel config, and once I disabled ACPI completely I found it worked.

I can attach my kernel's .config if you'd like, but it really depends on what motherboard you've got... What are you running?


Colazwerg 09-04-03 09:35 AM

I'm running a Gigabyte GA7ZX

awwaegli 09-04-03 12:18 PM

I've got a Soyo kt333 dragon ultra platinum.

awwaegli 09-04-03 12:58 PM

Thanks for your help. I just flashed my bios to the most recent version and it works now.

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