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thrall 09-04-03 01:03 PM

driver for nForce 2
anyone knows where i can find the driver for nforce 2 with mcp-t

suexec 09-05-03 12:19 AM

The MCP-T is the south bridge providing support for the USB, IDE, audio, etc....you don't need a driver for the MCP-T specifically, but you need drivers for the various parts it supports.

USB -> ohci_hcd, ehci_hcd
IDE -> amd74xx
Audio -> i810_audio
Firewire -> ieee1394
NIC -> 3c59x for the 3Com MAC
nvnet for the nVidia MAC

thrall 09-05-03 12:39 PM

but where can i find those drivers?? will i be able to use the 6 channels??

suexec 09-07-03 06:40 PM

All but the nvnet driver are in the linux kernel. To get the best support, you should use at least 2.4.22

The nvnet driver is in the nforce linux drivers available from nvidia.com

No, the i810_audio driver does not support 6 channels. It doesn't even support hardware mixing.

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