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ihatetoregister 09-04-03 03:00 PM

Xvideo @ high resolutions: image corruption (I'm noth the only one having this prob.)

As another user already reported here XVideo screws up at high resolutions. At a certain surface width, Xv scaled pictures aren't smoothed out properly, instead every line of the picture is displaced. The width when it happens is between 1024 and 1280 pixels.

Unfortunately I can't take a screenshot of Xv surfaces, to show what happens. It looks like this (sketched):



Watching TV or DVDs looks quite interesting :-). If I lower the resolution to 1024x768 everything works fine. But with my current resolution: 1280x1024 -- corruption. Experimenting with the AGP options didnt help.

It would be great If this issue could be tracked down. I'm happy to help.

dominik // mail: dominik(@at@)schnitzer.at

Driver: 1.0.4496 @ Debian Unstable
Model: GeForce4 Ti 4200
Processor: Athlon 600
Display: Samsung Syncmaster (LCD@1280x1024, LCD is digitally connected)

nimbus 10-11-03 06:55 PM

Hmmm I've got the same problem here with my TNT M64 PCI and X resolution of 1600x1200

ihatetoregister 10-13-03 03:51 AM

yeah... it's an annoying bug :/
At the moment I have to switch resolutions to 800x600 to watch tv/dvds....

it's quite "sucky" but at least it works. Thing is that appearently this bug is somewhere at nvidia already tagged as fixed:


unfortunately it isn't fixed for me.... :-((

nimbus 10-13-03 09:39 AM

Hmmm I looks like I've to buy a new video card to solve the problem. :(

ihatetoregister 10-13-03 02:18 PM

If you have a TFT monitor (DVD-out) you need to set the Refreshrate to 60Hz to get rid of the problem :-)

I had the refresh rate at 75Hz previously, 60Hz solved it :-)))

rettw 05-24-04 09:30 AM

Re: Xvideo @ high resolutions: image corruption (I'm noth the only one having this pr
I have the same problem - Ti 4200, running at 75 hz I have corruption when running full screen on my LCD monitor, at 60hz Its gone, but the picture at 60hz suffers from ghosting do to the relatively low pixel refresh on my LCD - 75hz looks much better overall, until you make Xv fullscreen.

Is this on issue with the card? Do newer GeForce Cards work better in this respect?

Rett Walters

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