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Phyre 09-11-02 01:29 PM

PowerStrip and Rivatuner
I'm trying to set the PCI Latency of certain devices on my system. I ran across a post that said PowerStrip will allow the pci latency management of devices. Now, I use RivaTuner for tweaking my GeForce 4 Ti4200. Will there be any adverse effects of using Both of these programs together?

Oh, just for information sake.

NIC has a PCI latency of 128 clocks
Ti 4200 has a PCI latency of 248 clocks!!!


Raptorman 09-11-02 06:21 PM

Just don't have PowerStrip begin on start-up, and disable all the features you can in PowerStrip or it will override RivaTuner.

DJB 09-11-02 08:11 PM

you need to leave the NV card's latency alone. That is really a reflection of the AGP bus as oposed to any real competition for PCI bus time. Aslo, will probably find that it will get changed back even if you try to set it lower.
As for your NIC, is surely does not need a latency of 128 so I agree you can play with this.

Powerstrip is fine alongside Rivatuner. Just pick Rivatuner to tweak your drivers with, it is better than powerstrip for that IMO, though I prefer to overclock with Powerstrip.

good luck!


Phyre 09-12-02 12:13 AM

Cool. Thanks for the response guys. I hope this works in Windows 2000. Every PCI Latency adjusting program I've seen does not work in W2K. I guess it's worth a shot though.


swamped 09-12-02 05:37 AM

You can set PowerStrip to restore your preferences and exit by adding an "/exit" to whatever command-line you're using to load it.

Since no one else is likely to come along and change the kind of hardware configuration changes PowerStrip makes, there's no real reason to have it running all the time.

Blakhart 09-13-02 01:18 PM

If the nic wants 128, set the pci latency in bios to suit.
If I run my pci latency at less than my pci modem's latency(128), there is noticeable lag in games. If you have sound probs, lower latency may be best for you.

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