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ntt 09-04-03 05:01 PM

Twinview Device Numbers
Briefly, is it possible to change which device is assigned as head 0 in twinview?

The situation is this: My laptop has TV-out (so a 'DFP' - ie. the LCD screen, and 'TV'). I can force it to detect both of them, and it all works fine, except that it insists on making the TV display the first head! This is immensely annoying because gdm displays it's login dialog on the first head! I've tried swapping them around in the "ConnectedMonitors" option, but still it detects the TV out as the first display.

A few specs:
Laptop: Toshiba Satellia 1410-S102
Chip: GeForce4 420 Go
Driver version: 1.0-4496
XFree86 4.2.0

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful! This is driving me nuts!

mungotheb 09-05-03 05:12 AM

Nup! good luck
been trying to solve that for ages (g4 ti4600)
it ALWAYS detects and assign the tv/dfp as device 0 NOMATTER what I've tried :(
luckly mines a desktop, so I have resorted back to swapping the cables.

let me know if you get it solved (BUT I'VE TRIED LOTS of idea's)


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