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AutisticWunderr 09-05-03 03:45 PM

Been on Redhat for 2 days.
Ive just ported over to linux, just threw away windows :)

Ive just a question. Im running redhat 9, with Gnome.

When I try to install it from the Nvidia 4496 driver from the terminal, it says that i have an X xerver running.

So I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, and log out, then it goes to the login GUI, i cant figure out how to shut down the x server to install it. :(

qflux 09-05-03 04:52 PM

login to the console as root

cd /etc

vi inittab

change the run level to lvl 3

the line will look like this:


Change the 5 to a 3

hits esc :wq

type reboot

after your done with your changes and everything is working reverse this and change it back to 5 to boot graphical.

arise 09-05-03 05:41 PM

1. open a term window
2. type as root "init 3"
3. you will be in console mode
4. install nvidia driver "sh NVidia........"
5. after it's done, edit your /etc/X11/XFree86-4 file, replace "nv" with "nvidia"
6. try "startx"

if it doesn't work, type "depmod ae" then "insmod nvidia"

7. try "startx" again

if it works, quit X and type "init 5"

good luck

ULNVRNO 09-10-03 06:17 AM

I find this easier!
I am also very new to Linux. I am using RH9 and have found a much easier way of getting into Linux 3. I simply boot from my floppy and at the promt type , linux 3 (press enter). Do what I have to do and reboot minus the floppy. Linux boots into Linux 5.

DaMaxx 09-15-03 01:18 AM

I have an easier way for a first time nvidia install on Red Hat 9. Break X:

1. login as root
2. edit XF86Config and change the line from "nv" to "nvidia" just like in the readme file. save and logout.
3. this should have broken X, just say no to debug and no to running the X config program.
4. login as root. and run the nvidia script.
5. reboot, all should be well.

definately not the proper way to do it. but it works for me.

orgeeizm 09-29-03 11:35 PM

you guys are forgetting 2 very important things...

1) make sure you comment out the line which loads "DRI" in the modules section of the XF86Config

2) make sure the "glx" driver is being loaded..

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