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DarkFish 09-05-03 04:58 PM

Lock ups when loading X with nvidia driver
Hi all,
I am running Debian with the 2.4.18-SMP kernel, on a dual athlon box with a FX 5200.

I installed the kernel header files, had to issue the export IGNORE_CC_CHECK command but got the driver to compile and install sucsessfully. I edited the XF86config file as instructions said to do. But when I try to start x with the nvidia driver selected it returns blacka nd white garbage (! and #) all over the screen and I cannot even CTRL+ALT to a terminal, I have to restart. I did a verbose xfree log but I didnt see anything that would be helpful but I have included both my xfree config and xfree log. Thanks for the help guys! =)

DarkFish 09-05-03 05:01 PM

heres the xfree log
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heres the free68 4.3 log

DarkFish 09-05-03 05:04 PM

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sorry, and here is my XF86Config-4 file

dalek 09-05-03 09:47 PM

I noticed this
According to the read me that I have, you should remove or comment out the lines:

Load "GLcore"
Load "dri"

I usually just put a "#" at the beginning of the line. The system will ignore that line.

I assume you know to change the line for the driver from "nv" to "nvidia" since it didn't work.

You may want to check your read me to make sure. That's what I noticed.

Hope this helps.

:D :D :D

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