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jim1976 09-05-03 08:34 PM

O/c Questions About Fx5800
Yesterday i o/c my point of view fx5800 128mb from 300/600 to 500/1000
It seems to be ok till now with no artifacts on 3dmark2k1se and 3dmark2k3
I was wondering if i can o/c it some more (to be honest im afraid to check it out)
Does anyone know how much further can i take it from his experience and if it is too dangerous for my card?
Thankz ppl (an o/c newbie)

Lfctony 09-06-03 05:45 AM


You overclocked in the wrong tab. If you put the card up from 300/600 that means you changed the 2D settings of the card.The 3D settings are at 400/800. There is a 2D/3D selection tab where the clock settings are.

Other than that, I managed to take my Point of View card to 500/950, I get artifacts in certain games if I use anything higher. Also, try running the Dawn Ultra demo with 8XAA/8XAF, that usually shows if your ram can take the clock speed you set it on.

B&R 09-06-03 12:56 PM

Sorry for the OT:
I am kinda curious to know the results myself since their is very less dicussion abt this card.

I have never seen any reviews of this card OC'ed myself but i know that it can be OC'ed to 5800U levels.

jim1976 09-06-03 09:09 PM

Yes u r right its the 3d tab i didn't touch the 2dtab.
I ll try to download the demo and check it out.
Can u name the games that present artifacts to u?

ricercar 09-06-03 11:55 PM

I can take my 5800 (ASUS V9900TD) to 500/1000 in 3D, same speed as my PNY 5800 Ultra.

Lfctony 09-07-03 12:29 AM

Other than the Dawn Ultra demo, Enclave did it to me, and Medal Of Honor. Plus Neverwinter Nights if you have it. Basically, I thought I had reached max, until at some point the card would show artifacts, I had to drop it down a bit, then a bit more, so far I am at 500/950, the core is ok at 500, only the memory might cause more problems, but so far it looks good.
Anyway, this card has been inherited by my brother, I'm getting myself a PNY 5900 card, mainly due to the fact that I play games with AA/AF and this card could have done better. Add some O/C to that 5900 and it will be a decent upgrade.

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