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Quick420 03-10-12 12:41 PM

Hard Reset:Extended Version
For all who enjoyed the first one,they have tweaked the engine more.Also added 5 new levels,new enemies and roughly 2hrs more gameplay.I'm looking forward to release;)


|MaguS| 03-10-12 12:42 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
Do people who own the original version get the update for free?

Quick420 03-10-12 12:46 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
I'm not really sure.They havn't been too clear about it on the steam forums.It may be a complete release,kinda like goty editions.I hope it's free dlc though,either way I'll grab it.

nutcrackr 03-10-12 05:50 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
So do we need to pay for this, DLC? Or is it a patch? I would play some more

Viral 03-11-12 04:19 AM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
Any newer news? If it's free for people who own it already or $3 DLC I'll definitely give it a go. The game was really good just too short.

Yaboze 03-12-12 03:09 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
I liked the game, but it was really short. Not paying for 2 hours though. :|

G@merX 03-13-12 01:03 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
I remember reading about this a while ago. The graphic engine apparently has bee updated and a few levels added, which I'm guessing is enough in their minds to warrant re-charging those of us who bought it the first go round.

FastRedPonyCar 03-16-12 06:21 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
damn I JUST bought this game like a week ago! If they charge more than 10 bucks though, I'm not going to pay for a couple extra hours of game play though...not yet at least.

nutcrackr 03-17-12 07:16 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
"we decided that the upcoming Expansion will be FREE for all those who already own Hard Reset on Steam"

FastRedPonyCar 03-17-12 08:20 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
Man this is some real Good guy Greg business right there. ANY other scumbag developer/publisher would do anything they could to make a quick buck as paid DLC. I'm so glad I gave these guys my money.


XDanger 03-20-12 07:41 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
Thats good , I bought it in the sale and haven't installed it yet.

Killroy X 05-09-12 09:10 PM

Re: Hard Reset:Extended Version
So we are in May and I'm wondering if anybody has heard about the expansion pack download for existing users, that what I've heard, should be free.

I haven't heard anything for a bit.

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