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marc 09-11-02 06:11 PM

problem with 1.0-3123 + Geforce 3 ?
Hi, I'm having some problems with the new
3123 drivers.
After installation of the latest drivers and recompiling my standard benchmarks the system
(X server) hangs after running a few minutes of
heavy OpenGL (Specviewperf 7.0 and own apps.)
These programs run fine on the exact same system with driver releases 1.0--1541,2313,2802,2880, and 2960.
(I've just downgraded again to 2960 to make sure, and everything runs normal).
No abnormalities in boot.log,XFree86.0.log,

Any suggestions where to look/ experiments to try?

bammbamm808 09-12-02 02:45 AM

Use the drivers that work /shrug?

Klaus-P 09-12-02 07:12 AM

Check the SBA status when the new driver is active
by entering on a console

'vi /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status'

Close vi with ':q!' and "Enter". It's a very good
editor btw..

The old 2960 sets SBA to 'disabled' by default.

marc 09-12-02 05:21 PM

Thanks for the suggestions.
The problem appears to be temperature related:
SpecviewPerf crashes the machine if you run it twice within a short timespan.
I've removed the side-panel of the machine and
there is no problem now with either driver.
Time for yet another case-fan...

here are the results for those who are interested
2960 drivers:
drv: 18.749
light: 6.010
dsmax: 4.003
ugs: 3.587
proe: 5.574
dx: 18.607

3123 drivers:
drv: 19.205
light: 5.583
dsmax: 4.260
ugs: 3.734
proe: 5.858
dx: 19.432

[Athlon 1533MHz,MSI KT266a,Asus V8200,
1280x1024@85Hz,RH 7.3+Kernel 2.4.18-3]

bwkaz 09-12-02 07:29 PM

I'm curious, do you notice artifacts (like two surfaces the same distance away from you, interfering with each other) on the first few scenes in SPECviewperf?

I'm wondering if that's normal...

marc 09-13-02 03:27 PM

Hard to see at almost 20 fps, but I ran the drv-08 test with another heavy app running to slow it down, and you're right: especially in the bright colored surfaces I see triangular artefacts in some orientations of the model. They don't show up in the scene that gets dumped to .png so I missed them initially...
I'm unwilling to re-uninstall the drivers again, but if I get this problem with my real apps (where I do care how the scene moves) I know where to look, thanks for pointing that out.

bwkaz 09-13-02 04:34 PM

OK, it's not just me then. ;)

I think it's because of the way the GL calls for that demo are set up; I think there are two surfaces the same distance away from you. So I think it would be normal, assuming everybody sees it and not only me.

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