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ATOJAR 03-14-12 03:51 PM

SIM Card.
Does anybody know of a way to see what info is stored on my sim card? contacts, messages etc? .. Maybe a way to delete any unwanted info too.

bob saget 03-14-12 05:13 PM

Re: SIM Card.
can't you clear stuff off of the sim card with your phone? you can check by putting the sim card into another phone, and see if anything is saved.

crainger 03-20-12 09:07 PM

Re: SIM Card.
What phone do you have? My iPhone has an option in the settings called Sim Tools. It lets you see the numbers stored on the Sim... Messages, not sure as my Sim has never had messages store on it.

ATOJAR 03-21-12 12:58 AM

Re: SIM Card.
I did have the HTC Wildfire .... Got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus now. Don't see any options in the SIM Tools.

crainger 03-21-12 03:25 PM

Re: SIM Card.
Hmmm, guess if you can't put it into an older phone like bob suggested, you could see if Android has an app, or you could buy a SIM card reader or even pop into you carriers local store and ask them to check. They can wipe it also.

Another option is to get a new sim and destroy the old one. You carrier can transfer the number in an instant.

nekrosoft13 03-21-12 03:35 PM

Re: SIM Card.
there are apps in market that allows to see info on sim card.

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