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mangus 09-07-03 09:50 AM

listen to that, nvidia driver's X pain
Nvidia driver works for me using redhat 9 but dont (with well known X freezing) in mandrake 9.1. in the same pc ..such pain in the ass...
with geforce 4 mx 440, sis chipset, P4 2400

any suggestion?
I ve tried all , agp , glx , recompiling module etc etc etc


moali 09-11-03 09:02 AM

just my two cents:

different X-version?
perhapps the glibc-version has an effect, too...


LordMorgul 09-12-03 02:25 AM

Both of the distros use slightly modified kernel sources if I'm not mistaken (as their release kernels) so I wouldn't really be looking to compare them directly. Check the kernel base versions they use, perhaps compile your own kernel even using the same configs they used and matching gcc version?

permster 09-12-03 09:12 PM

Nvidia MX 440 on Madrake 9.1
Yeah I'm having this same problem with Mandrake 9.1 with the same graphics board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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