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Vanzagar 03-16-12 03:39 PM

Voltage stabilizers
Anyone use any kind of voltage stabilizer? If so can you recommend one...

I've had 1 mobo and 3hd's crap out on me in the last year, we've moved into a new house that's over 20 years old and I'm wondering if maybe the house's voltage supply is the cause..

BTW, what equipment is used to measure a houses voltage stability? I'd like to get if measured first if I can to see if I do have a problem...



Roadhog 03-16-12 03:39 PM

Re: Voltage stabilizers
A good quality PSU should have no problem with voltage fluctuations.

jeffmd 03-16-12 10:15 PM

Re: Voltage stabilizers
A good PSU will protect your computer, and a good battery backup unit will help protect your PSU against power irregularities.

frenchy2k1 03-23-12 03:24 PM

Re: Voltage stabilizers
I use UPSes on all my computer by habit.
One of the apartments I rented had a light post in front and my lights would dim every time it would turn ON or OFF (so twice a day). I've plugged my computers in UPSes ever since.
Those regularly beep even now that we moved in a more recent house. Voltages can drop when heavier appliances are turned ON on the same circuit. This can cause micro cuts and force the computer to reboot. I've not see any damage due to power fluctuation, but it would prevent that too.
A 1000VA UPS can be found around $100-150.

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