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redbeard15 03-16-12 05:39 PM

X server seems to fail on FC 16 and NVIDIA 295.20
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I had been running for a number of years with FC13 and NVIDIA 260.19. I'm using a GeForce 9500 GT.

I recently upgraded my machine using the FC 'upgrade' stuff. I successfully upgraded to FC14. I had to rebuild the driver using the new kernel but it worked well.

Sooo, I decided to take the plunge and go all the way to FC16. I had some upgrade issues with that whole process (the kernel RPM didn't fully install and I had to re-install that RPM, for some reason...).

Once I got a working kernel, I tried to re-build the 260 driver, but that didn't work. I downloaded the 295.20 driver n successfully built that.

However, when I run the new OS with this new driver, the X server seems to start and then aborts. I've perused the /var/log/Xorg.0.log, but I can't see any errors...

Also, the cooling fan on the video is at full speed when the driver is not loaded (e.g., when the machine is booting up or shutting down). When the driver loads it slows the fan down (nicely).

But with FC16 and version 295, when the driver loads (at machine boot time), the fan slows down, speeds up (driver unloads?), slows down, speeds up (driver unloads), etc. It performs this cycle about 4 times and then gives up.... I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot the system.....

I've attached the bug report GZ file created by the 'nvidia-bug-report.sh' script. I'm stuck...

AaronP 03-16-12 07:00 PM

Re: X server seems to fail on FC 16 and NVIDIA 295.20
You're right, it looks like the X server is starting up and shutting down normally. I would check the display manager's log file to see if it's failing to start the login program or something.

redbeard15 03-19-12 04:22 PM

Re: X server seems to fail on FC 16 and NVIDIA 295.20
I'm sorry to say the FC14 -> FC16 upgraded was a big failure. Not much worked, no network. I couldn't even uninstall the NVidia driver and use the nouveau driver.

Since I was braced for the worse (hmm, I wonder why that would be) I was OK with doing a fresh FC16 install from DVD.

My first attempt with the FC16 install I just specified the Gnome desktop. That produced a nicely informative "Oops, something happened. Please contact your administrator."

Others had noticed this same problem with the Gnome desktop so I installed the KDE desktop and the same thing happened. Plus, that change removed all graphical file browser apps, the software update app, etc. Pretty bad. Makes me want to move back to Windblows....

I did another fresh install of FC16 specifying the KDE (only) desktop and that worked. I successfully built n installed the NVIDIA 295.20 driver with FC16 (kernel 3.1.0-7) n KDE.

Now I'm trying to get the updates installed and that is hanging.... Sheesh.

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