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LinuxNewbie556 09-07-03 02:24 PM

Nvidia driver & debian
I just install my system and try to install the latest nvidia driver.
I have run sh NVIDIA.......run and the setup told me he cannot find a precompiled verison of a kernen.....and he ask to download 1 from the nvidia site...I say YES and he cannot fidn 1.

well, what now??

is there any way to install the driver without getting and compile a new kernel?? I use bf24 now!!


biehl 09-07-03 03:57 PM

Well, I think that Debian has the nvidia-drivers in testing under "non-free" . They are probably precompiled.

I run debian knoppix and I compiled the _kernel_interfaces_ just fine after having typed

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-2.95

(because my kernel apparently was compiled with a 2.9x GCC)

My system still doesnt work because I have to edit my XF86Config-4 file....which I haven't done yet.


LinuxNewbie556 09-07-03 05:29 PM

well....thx =)
I didnt understand everything you say, its a litel bit to high for me....I have just start with linux, but I will not get any testing party into my linux....for the start I think stable must be OK.

I read some other help files on the net, and I think the best way is to get the 2.4.22 and try to compile it by myself

its also time to learn this =)

but thy for the answer anyway!!

biehl 09-08-03 01:16 AM

Hi, again

I'm quite new to linux also - and i just reread my post, and find it not very clear (woops!)

1) Debian testing (or unstable) packages are not unsafe to use. I find Debian very conservative and I often run programs from testing or unstable to be a little more up-to-date.

2) I dont think you need to compile the entire kernel to install the nVidia drivers. As I read it you only need to compile some kernel interface files (= few files).

When I was in the installation procedure after it looked at the nVidia site to download (but didn't find my kernel) I just said yes to the next option (which I remember to be something like "compile kernel interface"

Before I started the installation program I had typed

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-2.95

because I read it on some other forum. It is to use the same compiler version as the one that compiled my debian kernel.


LinuxNewbie556 09-08-03 03:47 AM

-When I was in the installation procedure after it looked at the nVidia site to download (but didn't find my kernel) I just said yes to the next option (which I remember to be something like "compile kernel interface"-

I never get this "compile kernel interface" because be break the installation on my system!

how ever, jesterday I have download the 2.4.22 kernel and have compile it without any changen.....and it has work. now I have install the nvidia driver......BUT!!!! I have no internet, I cannot mount my other partitons and I have no sound =)

well, I have make some changes in the kernel to get all this, but my kernel will not compile anymore =) Now I will play a time till I have fix all this things in my system.... do you know any good site with step by step how to compile a kernel? there are many things inside I dont understand, but I think all stuff must have some reason.... and the last question.....what are kernel interface files?? (make menuconfig) ??

YourMother 09-08-03 09:09 AM

You do not need to change kernel to install the NVIDIA drivers!!! Just install gcc and kernel-headers-2.4.18-bf2.4 ! Then you will need to specify the path for the headers (can't remember it for the moment)...

code 09-08-03 09:55 AM

Take a look at the instructions I've posted previously on installing under debian (for any kernel.)


LinuxNewbie556 09-09-03 02:50 AM

hmmm.....I will try to install just gcc and the kernel-headers, just for the feature, to know how it works.

thx for all you help people!!


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