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saturn_vk 09-08-03 08:20 AM

NvAGP!=0 is very unstable
hello everyone.
recently, my system became very unstable. By that I mean that whenever NvAGP is different from 0, X becomes very unstable. It's doesn't crash, but it stops responding, and only the mouse works (just moves, clicks are totally ignored). I can log in from another machine, and X appears to be taking up 100% of the CPU. On the local machine, all keys and clicks are ignored, and the only way I can restart gracefully is by killing X, which doesn't always work, but instead totally hangs the system. I've tried NvAGP=1,2,3 AGP set to 1X, 2X, 4X, FW is off by default, I have tried mem=nopentium, but X still crashes when I start a program that even remotely uses GLX (sometimes I cant even start anything)

My system: GeForce 3 (original)
Driver (I've tried them all, doesn't matter)
Distribution: Slackware
System: AMD (including the host and pci bridge) (and agpgart is compiled as a module)

Thunderbird 09-08-03 08:54 AM

Which AMD chipset is it? The question is quite important. The AMD irongate (amd75x) is quite unstable and has lots of problems. For some of them check the problems/agp section of the driver readme.

I thought the amd76x was a bit better.

saturn_vk 09-08-03 09:34 AM

edit: It's NOT irongate, it's the AMD-760 (IGD4-1P)

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