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john19055 03-22-12 11:30 AM

Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.
Looking at reviews most say go with the 3820 even tho the 2600K is a few FPS faster in some games.The mother boards have 40 lanes instead of 24 lanes like the 1155.It overclocks just as good even being partial locked on the multiplers.Plus if I want to do TRI-SLI I can unlike with a 1155.unless they have one that will do TRI-SLI but running on 8x-8x-4x.I see some of the high dollar 1155 motherboards have 5x8x .Can't make my mind up .If the 3820 is a sandy bridge I can't see it being any slower then a 2600K ,I guess it could be the motherboard chipset.But haveing 4 channel memory would look like that should help and haveing 10mb of cache VS 8mb on the 2600K.The 2600k and 2700k are so close in price might as well get the 2700K if I go that route.

dukenukemz 03-22-12 03:35 PM

Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.
If money isnt an issue id say go for the 3820 you will get better performance if your not overclocking but your gonna take a hit on expensive motherboards and 4 / 8 sticks of ram for quad channel DDR3. the Sandy Bridge E line is also nearing its end as IVY bridge begins to make its way into the mainstream in Q2. the 2600k would be your cheapest option with the ability to overclock it easily. The performance will be very good regardless of what CPU between those choices. just make sure you throw three snazzy GTX 680's in your rig if u plan to triple SLI (nana2)

you can also overclock a 2600k to the speed of a 2700k with about 5 seconds of work.

jcrox 03-22-12 09:56 PM

Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.
What exactly are you using the rig for?

If it's for gaming you're not going to see any difference in games based on memory unless you go with a 32bit OS or less than 4GB.

OC the CPU to 4+ GHz and unless you're playing at a very low resolution there's no way you're going to be able to tell the difference between a 2500k, 2600k, and 3820.

Zeke009 03-22-12 10:20 PM

Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.
I just finished a 3 week fight with a my i7 3820 build, it was worth it though!

1) Don't buy an Intel board quite yet.
They require a BIOS update to work with the 3820 and Intel won't tell you that. Instead you'll fight, scratch your head and ultimately replace the board with another one. The fix (I found out after I returned and bought a GA-X79-UD3) was to find a 39xx series processor to slap in there and upgrade the BIOS... I didn't have one lying around.

2) I had 2 bad CPU's in a row!
Is that award worthy? The first was confirmed by MicroCenter (where I bought it) in a working motherboard (the one I replaced the Intel DX79TO with). The second never touched my hands and was confirmed by MicroCenter on their bench as well. The third worked in a ASUS board and then they ran it in my GA-X79-UD3 where it worked fine.

3) Intel RSTe 3.x drivers don't support SMART data.
If you plan to use SSD Life or Crystal Disk Info, don't install the Intel RSTe drivers. I have a Mushkin SSD and the firmware updater could not see the SSD as a result of those drivers, once removed everything workded as I expected it to.

Am I happy with my build? Yes, I definitely am and I'll be a happy camper for a long time.

One other item for my nightmare build: I had wanted to use the Corsair H80. First one was bad, the cover of the CPU Block fell off. The second I thought was bad, but that was due to the Intel board not working as a result of the old BIOS. So I returned it. Then I found the NM-I2011 mounting kit for my Noctua NH-U12P for free on Noctua's site. 7-14 day shipping was their ETA, I was impatient and I ordered it from Amazon. My FREE kit came 8 days early in the mail.

If anyone has a Noctua HSF that they want to use on a socket 2011 build, I've got a free kit as long as they cover shipping. That's right, I don't need any $ for it, you just cover the shipping.

john19055 03-25-12 02:28 AM

Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.
I play game but I also do video encoding,and I wanted something comparable to the system I had.If it had not been in a fire I think I would have got a lot longer use out of my i7-920 and EX58-UD5 motherboard.I have looked and looked at reviews and all say go with the 17-3820 over the 2600k.They are both great CPU's I just like the ASRock X79 Extreme4 motherboard better.I will still use my GTX 470's since I have three of them ,most of the time I just run SLI ,but it good to know I have the extra power if I need it.I will agree if you are just a gamer then get the i5-2500K.I l allready had 16gigs of 4 sticks of DDR3 memory.all the reviews I read about the motherboard said it was good .I guess I will find out.The i7-2600K system was going to cost me $530 and the i7-3820 system cost me $550 plus I got a $20 gift certificate.Plus I will be useing my 3 old harddrive W.D. Black 640g and 2 samsung 1TB .I am still waiting for the SSD to come down because I would like to have a 500G at least and they are just to high.Plus the new GTX 680 looks great but I think I can still get a year or more out of my GTX 470's.and I just game at 1920x1080 since I use my 46" LG HDTV.Plus the i7-3820 overclocks just as good as the 2600K since it's multipler goes up to 43 and you can overclock the BLCK up to 143 ,But ever review I seen had know problem doing 4.7gigs with little voltage increase and some do over 5gigs if you want to push it.It will be fun haveing a new toy to play with since it has been over three years.I will just cross my fingers that I don"t run into any problems and have bad luck with it.I don't think I will, I might have to do a bios update but it will still work without the bios update ,the bios update is just to make it where you can use the BLCK without problems.

john19055 05-05-12 10:36 PM

Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.
I got a ASRock X79 Exetreme-4 and it came with the new 1.70 Bios so My i7-3820 went in like butter.The 212 EVO heatsink went on in about 10 minutes.It overclocked like a dream .I first did 43x and default voltage 1.22v.Then I started playing with the BCLK.I set it to 125 and 38x multipler running at 4.750gigs I first had the core voltage on auto and it set the voltage to 1.45v which was way to high tempertures hitting 85c with a load .So I went back in the bios and set it to 1.3v and now the tempertures were fine idle at 29c to 31c I ran prime 95 and the load was 65c to 63c.You have to be careful about your memory settings .I mine set to DDR 1600 but when I the BCLK to 125 my memory changed to DDR2000 and I had to change it to DDR1666,But my 16gig kit of G.Skill DDR3-1333 7-7-7-21-1N 1.5v scales great ,so I set to DDR-1666 9-9-9-27-1n 1.5v.I also set it to 5gigs 1.365v but my load tempertures were hitting 74c to 76c and that was hotter then I wanted to run it.I will wait until I get a CPU water Cooler and then run it at 5gigs.I fineally just settle on 4.625gig at 1.275v and the idle was 27c to 29c and loads were 58c to 60c.I got a real good bin chip that overclock great.This was a good CPU and motherboard to replace my still great i7-920 and EX58-UD5 Board,so I can still run my TRI-SLI set-up.

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