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deathmonkey 09-08-03 06:55 PM

noob to linux need help
hey everyone

yeah ok l am just new to linux and no nothing about it and would like some help installing and telling me how to install the graphics drivers for my geforce 4 ti 4200.

l have read the help file that was on the site and it did nothing for me l have read and tryed these things.

ok could some people tell me what should l do to install these drivers step by step and very clearly for l find linux alot more complex then windows but if l can get these drivers installed then l should beable to figure out things from there

oh and one more thing l would like to no what

x means and what bit of the operating system do l go to install these drives and how l get there and what it is called

if someone could tell me that would be great

thanks alot


deathmonkey 09-08-03 07:34 PM

come on plz help me people l am trying the codes and stuff but l dont no if l am doing it right plz help me!!!

deathmonkey 09-08-03 07:50 PM

come on you have to help people l seariously am lost

h@dow Dr@gon 09-09-03 06:10 AM


I'm practically a noob to linux myself but would like to point you to www.elitelinux.com where alot of noobs get more help than I've seen on any other site. I also have to upgrade my 4600 Ti Driver, but I've yet to get mine on the net. Here's the post I have on my 4600 Ti Driver so far, maybe it will help http://www.elitelinux.com/viewtopic.php?t=1103

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