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LurkerLito 03-24-12 08:09 PM

Ninja Gaiden 3
Well after finishing the rented game, wow what a huge disappointment. It is nothing like the old NG games. This one is pretty much pure crap. They removed so much that made NG a fun game.

They removed all but 3 weapons. You now only have a sword, bow, and throwing knives. Thats it and they all can't be upgraded. The bow does get upgraded automatically at some point in the story but that is it. They also removed all the ninja magic but one general purpose one.

The healing is automatic. The levels are setup in a corridor, arena, corridor, arena type format. Each time you finish a section all your health is recovered to full and your ninja magic meter reset to 0. The store is gone so you can't buy healing potions/items, so to heal in battle you must cast your ninja magic, and that calls a dragon up to eat all the enemies on the screen which then is used to recover your health. The magic meter fills up as you kill enemies. A terrible system IMHO.

The enemy variety seems much lower. There were a lot of recurring enemies in the older NG series, but for some reason it never felt like it got as repetitive as in NG3. They all seem to lack something especially the boss type characters.

The combat is still fast but a bunch of stuff got removed. The charged attack is not as good as it was. There are no orb like things dropped to power you up when you hold down the button to do a charge attack, so they made some weird system of when you get enough blood on you you can do a "super" move, that kills a bunch of enemies with one shot, problem is it is not directed it is done like a cinematic and kind of random as to what enemies get hit with it. There are QTE events in many spots, they aren't hard and for QTE events, very forgiving, but feel wrong being in the game. The climbing the walls with the knives thing, is very awkward and glitchy (at least on the PS3 version). You press the R1 L1 buttons alternating to climb certain walls, but often even if your timing seems right, it just kind of misses or hangs there sometimes.

The game felt shorter than the older ones, but in this case it was welcome since the game and levels always felt off and lacking all the way through. There is a cameo appearance for Ayane, and a small sequence where Momiji helps you get to a certain location, but the characters aren't playable like in NG2.

If your a NG fan then this game will be very disappointing. In the best case rent it and check it out if you are morbidly curious. It's the first NG game I did not buy and will not buy. I am so glad I decided to rent it first. This is a very poor first try on the now Itagaki-less Team Ninja.

|MaguS| 03-24-12 08:12 PM

Re: Ninja Gaiden 3
Dam console gamers! It's been dumbed down!

I kinda new it was going to be horrible when they said they wanted it to be more accessible to new people. Not like the NG series has ever been good but they had a style and people liked it.

six_storm 03-24-12 10:32 PM

I've heard nothing but horrible things about this game. I own NG 2 and it's nowhere near as good as the original for Xbox. That game was fun because it was difficult as crap, very accomplishing when you beat it.

I wouldn't blame consoles for dumbing it down, more of poor design and possibly a rushed game. I didn't know it even came out this week until Kotaku claims the poor reviews. Too bad as I loved NG1.

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