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News 03-25-12 04:10 PM

Merrick6 FPGA Does HPC at 110 Watts
http://enterpoint.co.uk/wp-content/u...2-1024x627.jpgEnterpoint in the U.K. has announced their latest FPGA solution for HPC. With a desgin based around six Xilinx SpartanTM-6 FPGA processor cells, the Merrick6 offers a high performance, low power, processing solution all in a 2/3 size PCIe card format.
The unique combination of FPGA and DDR3 resource in the Merrick6 processing cell allows us to offer in a single Merrick6 a processing capability beyond that several standard PCs and with the Merrick6's operating power budget of between 10W and 110W the product doesn't have the cooling problems normally associated with high performance X86 processors or graphic cards often used for processing applications.' says John Adair CEO of Enterpoint. 'The Merrick6 is ideal for a range of applications including small to medium database searching, mathematic algorithms, data filtering and pre-processing of seismic data.'

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