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LurkerLito 03-28-12 09:42 AM

Legend of Grimrock
Legend of Grimrock is available for preorder. You can preorder from GoG.com, or Direct from the devs for $11.99 :). GoG is DRM-Free version only. If you get it direct you get a Steam Key and a DRM-Free installer.

I can't wait, Preordered already. Dungeon crawling old school RPG!

|MaguS| 03-28-12 09:48 AM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
Waiting for it to appear on steam. :o

ST:DS9 03-30-12 09:27 PM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
The direct gives you a Steam key

Muppet 03-30-12 09:32 PM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
I loved the Eye of the beholder games. I will be all over this.

Yaboze 04-16-12 12:14 PM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
Anyone get this? Any quick reviews, pics? :D

LurkerLito 04-17-12 09:35 AM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
Been playing it a whole lot. It's a great dungeon crawler game. It's mainly puzzle solving with a good amount of battles. It's a strange kind of hybrid real time/dice roll battle system and you have to get use to it but it works well IMHO. I do highly recommend it, but just go watch a game play video first to see the battle system in action. I can see that some people might not like it, but after a while it does make sense.

I am on level 8 or so, but I am considering restarting from scratch because I messed up my point allocations experimenting so those points are basically wasted, though I am hesitant because some of those puzzles were a PITA. They aren't hard puzzles, but for some that require you to press triggers in a precise order, if you didn't write them down (and I didn't) they are going to take a while to solve all over again once I get back there.

|MaguS| 04-17-12 09:48 AM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
The game is awesome! If you love old school PC RPGs then you are doing yourself a wrong by not playing this game.

Greg 04-20-12 10:50 PM

Re: Legend of Grimrock
Just watched WTF is Legend of Grimrock. Game looks good and great to see Indie developer having some success.
Some of those games like Wizardry were great, looks like the fun can be relived with some modern candy and polish.

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