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The Analog Kid 09-09-03 02:10 PM

Kernel 2.6.0-test4-mm1, and blank screen
I have a Via KT400 chipset, and I get a blankscreen when I use my newly build nvidia drivers for the 2.6 kernel. What do I do?

ghostwalker 09-09-03 02:56 PM

Go to the following it states it is for 2.5, but it applies to the 2.6 kernel. It will help alot.


For the patch to the nvidia driver go here:


You will need the mod-init-tools


if you are using debian just do an apt-get.

The Analog Kid 09-09-03 03:52 PM

I'm running Gentoo and it detects that I'm running the 2.6 kernel series and applies the patch to the nvidia driver, however this is what happends.

zander 09-10-03 03:33 PM

This problem is most commonly caused by the presence of a frame buffer console driver such as rivafb/vesafb, AGP specific problems (see the NVIDIA README for information on AGP stability problems), the use of broken UP I/O APIC (see the noapic kernel parameter) and/or ACPI configurations (try with pci=noacpi or even acpi=off). If your problem is specific to Linux 2.6.0-test*, you should compare the Linux 2.4 and Linux 2.6 kernel configurations. Also worth noting is that Linux 2.6.0-test* are development kernels and as such not guaranteed to work at all.

The Analog Kid 09-10-03 04:45 PM

I got it to work, I have to switch to NvAGP

zander 09-11-03 03:19 AM

If the problem persists with current Linux 2.6.0-test kernels, you may want to inform the Linux AGPGART maintainer about it.

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