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AthlonXP1800 03-29-12 11:02 PM

RIM to exit consumer market

I am surprised at the news, no more Blackberry phones for consumers!

I think Android success hit RIM hardest, iphone success took away RIM marketshare and Windows Phone probably did nothing to harm RIM.

six_storm 03-30-12 09:32 AM

Re: RIM to exit consumer market
Best phone news evar. I hate Blackberry phones (and yet I still have one lol).

|MaguS| 03-30-12 09:48 AM

Re: RIM to exit consumer market
Wrong, They are not abandoning the Consumer Market. They never would. In the Middle East they are still the most popular device.


They are just strengthening their Enterprise Support since they were hit so hard and thats were most of their money comes from.

ViN86 03-30-12 03:30 PM

Re: RIM to exit consumer market
Makes sense for them to change their focus since their strengths are still on the enterprise side.

As for the hit they've taken in the US and Europe, I think it's because of their inability to adapt the way Apple and Android have.

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