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FastRedPonyCar 03-30-12 04:56 PM

Grim Dawn - Anyone looking forward to this?
I preordered the epic fan edition this morning getting me beta access once that's available as well as naming in the in game credits at the end of the game.

If you've not heard of this title, it's a new game being developed by the same guys that made Titan Quest, a diablo-like game with amazing graphics, day/night cycles, dynamic weather and massive open environments. I played through it and the expansion 3 times and loved it. Seemed like it was more about having fun in the game instead of grinding dungeons for items and stat points like diablo II.

They're building Grim Dawn off of the TQ engine with heavy modifications and the game looks absolutely incredible. They took GD's direction where a lot of people wanted Diablo III to go artistically.

Anyways, read up more here.


It's less than $20 to preorder the game but for $32, you get the game and beta access and for me, the extra 12 bucks to test it out and offer potential feedback is worth it.

nutcrackr 03-30-12 05:28 PM

Re: Grim Dawn - Anyone looking forward to this?
They are apparently starting a kickstarter project soon. I think their goal will be 300-500k to get a few more people on board for content creation. They have said that the preoders are "enough" for them at this stage but they would really like the aid of a few more people. I'll probably wait for the kickstarter project.

v3rninater 03-30-12 07:43 PM

Re: Grim Dawn - Anyone looking forward to this?
I'm going to be watching this! Thanks for the review, I did play TQ a bit when it came out on steam, and was following that semi-reg through the emails they sent out. This looks really good!

Their attention to details seems to be immaculate, at least considering how they continued to revamp TQ through fan patches.

LurkerLito 03-31-12 09:15 AM

Re: Grim Dawn - Anyone looking forward to this?
Definitely looking forward to this. I was hoping they'd beat Diablo 3 launch though since I am not buying Diablo 3. I am not sure if I want to pay extra for alpha access so I am holding off preordering for now.

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