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deathmonkey 09-09-03 08:11 PM

How To Get Access Into Root
yeah ok

l need to get access to the root in my linux mandrake 9.1, and l dont no how to get access to this.

is there some were in madrake l can go to, to get access.

eliu 09-09-03 10:50 PM

You don't know how to use 'su' ?

Open a shell window ( rxvt, gnome-terminal..)

and execute 'su -'.

MacKTHeRIPper 09-09-03 10:57 PM

Root Access
bring up a terminal and type
password (whatever the root password is)
now you have full access for what you need.
If you need to run a complete X session as root you will need to add the hidden user root as a login in the gui (goto the menu...configuration...KDE...system...login manager...usertab and uncheck root as being hidden).
You can have X not autostart (goto mandrake control center...boot...drakboot...uncheck the launch the graphical environment when your system starts) and then login as root from the consol and then type startx.
I would recommend that you us the terminal and SU for all root work simply because it is a safer habit to be in while having so much power :-}.

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