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mattfella 09-10-03 07:49 AM

Installed okay, but I don't think I am getting HW acceleration with RH8

I installed 4496 last night without issues. Testing the installation on an opengl app I am writing, I haven't detected a speed improvement.

I started with a fresh Red Hat 8.0 NFS kickstart install, then updated everything with packages from a RH8 update mirror site. I don't think I added any packages--just updated what was already installed. Then I installed 4496.

I saw a quick Nvidia splash screen when starting X.

Running glxgears full screen at 1280x1024, i get 149 fps, and the CPU is 99%+ used by glxgears. I get 1640 fps running glxgears in the 3 inch window.

Touching the heatsink on the GPU, I don't detect a temperature change when I run glxgears.

XFree86-Mesa-libGL and XFree86-Mesa-libGLU packages are installed and I don't know whether they are supposed to be. The XFree86 package is 4.2.1-21. The glut package is not installed.

I read APPENDIX C: INSTALLED COMPONENTS of README.txt, and checked the files and links, and ran ldd `which glxgears`. I guess things looked okay, but I can't say the README is clear about how to decide whether the setup is correct. For example, I don't know whether the hex addresses are supposed to be the same as in the README.

So am I getting hardware acceleration? I don't think my app is running any faster. I am running out of clues.

320mb 09-10-03 09:50 AM

This is what I did,
installed the Tux Racer Demo and played it for awhile and checked the FPS before and after game play..........he he I liked the Game so much I went to sunspire web site an Bought the Full version!!

Anthaus 09-10-03 10:55 AM

Run UT2003 (the demo if you prefer).
That game doesn't work if the drivers are not installed correctly.

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