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wolv3rine 09-10-03 09:49 AM

Help -a simple question, i`m a newbie
Don't laugh :). I have downloaded the new nvidia driver for linux but i don't know how to stop X Server.
:confused: So, how do i do that?

Thank u,

The Baron 09-10-03 09:51 AM

control-alt-backspace IIRC

and this should be in the Linux Forum

wolv3rine 09-10-03 09:57 AM

Sorry about where i posted my message.

control+alb+backspace doesn't shut down my X server , just logs me off. :confused:

dulley 09-10-03 11:09 AM

press CTRL+ALT+F1

log-in as root

type: "telinit 3" (without the quotes)

run the nvidia-installer

modify the XF86Config as told in the README file

type: "telinit 5" (without the quotes)

wolv3rine 09-11-03 02:10 AM

Thanks dulley . I'v done that by setting in a config file runlevel 4 on startup.

Thanks again.

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