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poursoul 09-10-03 03:13 PM

Nice one Rytr
Hey, just wanted to say good review. Kinda suprised me, didn't know you did reviews for nvnews.

But i did notice something that caught me off guard. In the positives and negatives at the end. You noted the detinator 50's as a positive, but you reviewed the card with the 45.24's. Which brings up another question. Souldn't you have reviewed it with the 45.23's. Aren't the 45.24's for workstation cards?

MikeC 09-10-03 03:44 PM

You can blame the editor since I didn't catch the driver mistake. I've corrected it to 45.23.

As for the Detonator 50 drivers, I removed the reference to them. I shouldn't have listed them as a positive since they haven't been released by NVIDIA and we know that Steve didn't review the card with ficticious drivers :)

poursoul 09-10-03 04:29 PM

So.... did he review the card with the 45.23's or the 45.24's?

and why did he/you refrence the 50's in the first place?

MikeC 09-10-03 04:56 PM

He used the 45.23 drivers.

I added a reference to the 50 drivers as a positive since they are for real and they will contain new features and they will improve performance. The main reason I removed the reference to the 50 drivers was due to the confusion it caused.

Solomon 09-10-03 05:16 PM

Nice review Rytr,

I'm glad to see you talk about price and how it fairs between other offerings. I also liked the idea of you using a low-end system and seeing the results. The first thing I noticed when I read that was, "Cool... Finally someone tossing a ultra-high end card on a low-end system". But then I noticed what game you used.

What made you decide to use UT2k3 on the low-end system when the word about Epic and their Unreal Engine is that it's very very very system dependent? What about Command & Conquer: Generals, Call of Duty Demo, XII, etc... It would of been cool to use games that weren't prone to stress out your system, but to stress out the video card. Just an observation.

People still point fingers at me when I saw with my own eyes a GeForce 3 outpacing a Radeon 9800 on a low-end system in Battlefield 1942. :|

D. Solomon Jr.

volt 09-10-03 05:20 PM

Nice review Steve! :D Kudos to Mike as well ;)

Very well written, nice layout too

Rytr 09-10-03 06:19 PM

Thanks for all the feedback!

poursoul, I did end up using the 45.23's although I did initially try a number of drivers but the 45.23's were the newest and they did show good stability with performance.

Solomon, it was really a simple decision...it was the most available at the time and I was pressed for time. Including the low-end system was not in the initial planning of the review. It was just there, setting on the bench and I thought why not!

In a way I wish I would have picked another game but which one? There are so many. Anyway, while not maybe the best choice UT2K3 is very familiar with most readers and easily related to. I believe, I may be wrong, that there are some gamers out there who have 3 year old systems that might wonder how a high-end card would perform in their system. I had fun in including it in the review! :D

Thanks Volt! :)

Dark Jedi 09-11-03 08:17 AM

Excellent review
Another good review from NvNews, well layed out, good spread of benches, good job Rytr! :)

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