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trivium nate 04-07-12 05:16 PM

tablet advice
idk i kind of want a tablet but idk which ones are good...ipad is to expensive.

what about this?

idk any suggestions comments concerns questions

ViN86 04-07-12 05:42 PM

Re: tablet advice
What are you looking to do with it nate? Game? Read? Just browse the Internet?

trivium nate 04-07-12 06:04 PM

Re: tablet advice
game browse internet dj apps lol um youtube

mojoman0 04-07-12 07:27 PM

Re: tablet advice
honestly i'd say ipad or bust. The apps generally just have incredibally more polish than android apps. See if you can score an ipad 2 for under $400 and save up a little longer to get one imo

Maverick123w 04-07-12 09:05 PM

Re: tablet advice
I agree iPad or bust but I can't personally recommend the new one after my experience. If you want an android tablet hold off just a bit. Tegra 3 tablets under $400 are right around the corner.

Vardant 04-08-12 04:40 AM

Re: tablet advice
If you want to try something cheap, but still good, try looking for Ainol Novo 7 Aurora. 7" IPS screen, 1024 x 600, ICS, 8/16GB versions, 1.2GHz CPU. All of this for only $170-190.


They're even working on a dual-core version for the same price.

Hogrider 04-08-12 05:49 AM

Re: tablet advice
If you don't get an ipad you are settling... why settle?

Q 04-08-12 09:02 AM

I've been using an iPad 2 for about a week now thanks to my employer. The only mobile device I have used prior was an HTC Droid Incredible for the last year and a half.

I was completely blown away. It is extremely polished, refined and smooth. However, I did have the App store lock up the device several times. Once for about 10 seconds.

I think I just favor the Android ecosystem. Yes, the market has a bunch of crap on it, but you can nearly always find a very cheap or free app to do what you want. It will not have the polish that you will find with the Apple app, but I've found that isn't important to me.

Of course, I root my Android devices and subscribe to a forum dedicated to high end video cards and custom PCs. I'm an outlier. The iPad is the perfect tablet for well over 90% of the population, although I do have hope for the ICS tablets.

ElL33t 04-08-12 11:29 PM

Re: tablet advice


crainger 04-13-12 09:18 PM

Re: tablet advice
If you already have an Android phone I'd get a Samsung Tablet, they are cheap, wide spread, we have them at work, they are about half the price of an iPad.

However if you aren't that invested in Android an iPad is the clear winner. For what you'd use a tablet for the apps and hardware are better on the Apple. That's comparing the the latest Samsung tablets, I will admit I haven't used any of the ASUS or Motorola tablets.

Hogrider 04-13-12 09:30 PM

Re: tablet advice
Actually using devices doesn't count anymore Crainger. The American way is to just read about them on the internet and trust what others say without experiencing anything for yourself...

Rakeesh 04-13-12 11:20 PM

Re: tablet advice

Originally Posted by Hogrider (Post 2545483)
Actually using devices doesn't count anymore Crainger. The American way is to just read about them on the internet and trust what others say without experiencing anything for yourself...

No, I'd say its more like there's two schools of thought when it comes to buying tech gadgets: there's the apple way, and then there's the smart way.

The apple way you find something that looks shiny and you buy it at whatever price they'll charge, and it's cool because all of your hip artsy fartsy friends at the coffee shop do it.

The smart way is you wait until the devices hit the market, you find the one that does what you need it to, read the reviews to find out where its faults are, and if you are comfortable with what you read, you find a good deal on it.

I mean any person with two licks of sense is going to pay attention to the reviews.

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