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hcaulfield57 04-07-12 05:19 PM

Minor Screen Tearing And Poor Performance
I'm having trouble with screen tearing during games (both native and non-native) and performance which I do not think is optimal.

I'm using Gentoo Linux 3.2.12 x86_64 with the nVidia Drivers 295.33

I have a quad-core 3.0ghz processor, 8 gigs of ram, and a GTX 550 ti, and the games I'm trying to play are not overly intensive. If someone could help me figure out what is wrong I would truly appreciate it. I'm using a 19inch tv as a monitor, I don't know if that is affecting performance or not.

Thank You!

Licaon 04-09-12 03:54 AM

Re: Minor Screen Tearing And Poor Performance
Vertical Sync is activated in the OpenGL section?

regarding performance, ( disable vertical sync ) and do test with Unigine Heaven 3: http://unigine.com/products/heaven/ and post here the settings/results

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