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gevero 04-08-12 05:49 PM

Slow GTK with Quadro NVS 135M + Binary driver + Composite
3 Attachment(s)
Graphic Card: Quadro NVS 135M
Driver Version: Any from 280 to 295, maybe even older
X version: Don't know really, But any X in a year or so
Linux Distro: Fedora, LMDE, Arch
Desktop Environment: Gnome, XFCE
Composite Manager: Compiz, Mutter, Xfce builtin, Metacity Built-in, Mutter,Xcompmgr

Description of the simptomps: I experience extremely slow GTK performances, when I employ Nvidia binary drivers in conjunction with a composite manager. Performance deterioration is monitored with gtk perf and reported in the attacched ".txt" file. Performance deterioration happens with all the above distros, drivers and composite managers. Once that compositing is disabled, performances go back to normal. This kind of problem disappears if nouveau drivers are employed.

I tried many different flags for the binary drivers, all the pixmap and pixbuf and cache stuff, with only minor improvements. i hope someone can help me to resolve this issue.

Side notes:
- Binary drivers + compositing also breaks the hardware acceleration in Firefox, this does happen with nouveau drivers
- If Drivers are reloaed, or if some settings are changed within nvidia-settings, performances go back to normal for a small time, but then they go back to be slow.

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