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rfinley 04-09-12 12:04 AM

GT430 not functioning correctly
I have a nVidia Zotac GT430 - This one
It is plugged into a HP DL360 G4 - Specs

It has not worked worth a crap since I bought it. Everytime I attempt to run anything with modern graphics the machine reboots. This is true across OS's. I installed it with the machine running windows, hoping to be able to play Skyrim but it couldn't even handle the old skool Wolfenstein. I have since installed Ubuntu, I have the current driver (295.33), and the problem persists. From what I've read, this card SHOULD rock pretty hard.

Any idea what the problem is?

dukenukemz 04-10-12 04:51 PM

Re: GT430 not functioning correctly
Your plugging it into a PCI-X slot which may not be supported by a card that requires a PCI express even thou it says it will optionally work. the PSU on the machine might also not have enough power to run the GPU.

rfinley 04-10-12 05:48 PM

Re: GT430 not functioning correctly
Thanks for the reply. The card is not PCI express. Ordering a PCI express card was the first mistake I made in this learning experience. This card is PCI and should work. If PCI card in a PCI-X slot is the problem I was hoping someone could tell me. Prior to getting this machine I had never heard of PCI-X.

You are the second person who has mentioned the PSU. I have 460 watt x2. The card needs a 300 watt. This shouldn't be my problem should it?

The chaps at HP suggested that it may be due to it being a passively cooled card in a 1U form factor box where it may not be getting sufficient air flow. Yes? No? What if I mount a fan directly over the heatsink?

dukenukemz 04-11-12 09:15 AM

Re: GT430 not functioning correctly
Sorry about my terrible research i was looking at the regular GT 430 and not the one you had. It could be temperature issues with the machine. download GPU-Z http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ and run that application if you can get it to run before your machine has instability issues. If the card hits close to 95 degrees celcius or higher that would most likely be the issue. If you have 460x2 it should be sufficient to support that card but with the 460x2 i do not know how the power is distributed across the system. GPU-Z will also give you wattage information and other things regarding the GPU. For further research in temps / power you can download HWmonitor which will tell you the temps of all components of your system (If they are supported). Also try some older drivers such as around the 275 series of them to see if you can narrow out if its a driver related issue.

rfinley 04-12-12 06:26 AM

Re: GT430 not functioning correctly
Alright, thanks for getting back to me. The program that you suggested is a Windows program and I am running Linux. Actually, now that I think about it, I did install GPU-Z when I had Win7 installed, and it just shut the computer down every time I ran it. I have an nVidia control panel that gives me some information but not much. I'm sure there is a way to check to power consumption with Linux, but it is beyond my capability. :(

What I have done is installed a fan on the card. I had a fan laying around. I had to remove the heat sink to access the 2 pin plug on the card. I connected the fan, reinstalled the heat sink, and have the fan sitting directly above the card on the vented exterior of the case. It actually works pretty sweet. I opened the nVidia control panel where I can monitor GPU temp and opened Google Earth. I zoomed to Chicago (3D buildings) and the card shut off pretty quickly. It never exceeded 39 degrees Celsius.

So now I'm wondering just how much power that card needs? I just posted in the HP forums asking if anyone can tell me how much power is available at that slot. I'm not sure where to find this information yet but I'm still looking.

Starscream 04-12-12 10:01 AM

Re: GT430 not functioning correctly
I think it's likely you just have a defective card.

Can you test it in another machine?

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