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jeffmd 04-12-12 08:23 PM

Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
Took about an hour to install and then played for about an hour and a half... yea.. its good. I have to think of it like planetside was, where everyone starts out a grunt and you gain XP to unlock new weapons and classes. The starter outfits seem to be all adequate for attacking and defending, I am freaking in love with the heavy class disc fuzer. I was impressed in that not only does XP unlock the usual stuff, but you can also upgrade your armor, weapons you currently have, and perks.

sadly it looks like you are at the whim of the game choosing your server, but I suppose things get better when you use the play with friends option. I seriously can't wait to find an "outfit" That uses ventrilo and strats.

Sucks I need to get some sleep for tonight's WoW raid. ^^ Can't wait to play more.

Shamrock 04-12-12 08:48 PM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
I have the enemy flag, headed back to our base!

All your base are belong to us!

nutcrackr 04-13-12 06:04 AM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
They are adding rented custom servers soon. I'm fine with matchmaking onto dedicated servers, fast connect and good pings for me. Enjoying the game so far.

MadPt 04-13-12 06:34 AM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!

The good old Tribes 2 feelings back again! :)))
Love the game and have been playing it for a while, love it love it love it! ;)
Hope to see you guys there and if you loved Tribes then you´ll love this one!


Quick420 04-13-12 09:46 AM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
I didnt play this one back in the day so I'm in this one for sure.Cyas online.

jeffmd 04-14-12 11:11 PM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!

Quick420 04-14-12 11:59 PM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
I just played a bit.It's smooth as butter,looks like fun.I only tried the tdm to see how it ran but it does look like fun.One thing I noticed is that you have to buy upgrades or win the or some crap like that.Kinda sucks,but it is free after all.I'll kick ass and get em' for free XD

jeffmd 04-16-12 12:30 AM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
inraged, quit telling us how bad at pc game exclusive economics you are. :p

MadPt 04-16-12 06:17 AM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!

Originally Posted by Inraged Twitch (Post 2545931)
They should have just sold the game for like 29.95 i would have bought it. I hate the MT's in this game the XP is incredibly time consuming.

But you can "buy the game". This means that if you pay for it, you´ll get lots of weapons unlocks and extra XP from the game! ;)
There are different packs you can buy and for about 25$ you get most of the characters and some of their weapons/weapons unlocks plus extra VIP XP. Look at their website and find if what you want unlocked can be payed.
There´s plenty of choices for every kind of player, wether you pay for it or not! :D

I usually play CTF but there´s plenty of choice in MODs included for fun. Deathmatch, CTF, teamdeathmatch, conquer and maybe more! :)
So far I just love the game because it´s quite close to Tribes2.

ElL33t 04-16-12 02:38 PM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
Been playing this for a few months in the BETA. Great game. I almost exclusively play CTF.

I know a lot of people hated Tribes2 but I loved Tribes2. This is pretty much a updated T2.

Shamrock 04-16-12 09:14 PM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
I liked Tribes 1 over Tribes 2.

H3avyM3tal 04-21-12 06:18 PM

Re: Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!
Awesome game, loving it so far. Brings back some those Q3 feelings I almost forgot...
Great fun playing CFT.

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