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wirespot 09-11-03 01:22 PM

The [in]famous X freeze
First up, my X config is attached.

I have a desktop system with a GeForce2 MX and a Gigabyte mobo with VIA KT266 chipset. I'm getting the famous X freeze apparently at random, although I've become quite the little expert at triggering it by launching certain app combinations.

It's a "soft" freeze, meaning X goes up to 80-100% but I can still kill it in various ways: using Alt-SysRq-K or using the reset button which I've set up to trigger a clean reboot by acpid.

I've tried pretty much every idea I've read around these forums and elsewhere:
* agpgart vs the nvidia agp driver
* turning acpi off or just pci=noacpi
* turning agp off or lowering the speed
* lowering and various combinations of bios agp-related settings
* turning off apic
* mem=nopentium

What's more weird is that I get the freeze even when using the nv driver native from XFree. I suspect that's an unusual twist.

Frankly, it's been going on for quite some time and I'm growing tired of it. I've decided to ask for help one more time before I take my business elsewhere, so to speak.

wirespot 09-11-03 01:23 PM

1 Attachment(s)
The X config

wirespot 09-11-03 01:24 PM

1 Attachment(s)
The X log

sphincter 09-11-03 08:47 PM

I can get that just by dragging one folder into another window. I thought this was supposed to be fixed? I even replaced my card, system board, and a number of other components trying to fix this. It has to be the drivers.

wirespot 09-12-03 02:14 AM

Then how about getting the freeze with the original XFree driver (nv)? Did anyone else experience that too?

Does this problem occur only for combinations of VIA mobo chipset, AMD proc and NVidia video card, or for NVidia cards with anything else as well?

sphincter 09-12-03 06:40 AM

I got it when I was using a VIA board, and now it happens with my nforce2 board.

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