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crainger 04-16-12 10:41 PM

Team Android Unite
Seeing as we have some very vocal Android guys on the forum, instead of butting heads you shall now serve me. I mean help me.

I was handed a Galaxy Tab to work with a few spreadsheets out in the field. With my iPad I use Documents To Go, it's cheap, fast and syncs with everything. Apples programs are just to expensive and Maccentric.

This Tab either had Polaris pre loaded or someone put it on (I thought it was an ASUS app?). Either way it's a pile of crap. Now Docs To Go is $15 for Android, but I just wanted to know what you guys use.

This guys review sums up my problems with they app.

There is Google Docs, but from my research it has similar problems as Polaris.

Swift Replies kthnx.

Rakeesh 04-16-12 11:57 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
I actually own the full version of all three of the most popular ones (quickoffice, officesuite pro, docs to go) got them free from the amazon free app of the day promotion, however I haven't used any of them extensively. Quickoffice seems to be able to handle excel files better than officesuite, but officesuite has a slightly better UI.

Haven't really used docstogo but I've heard good things about it. Supposedly the free version just has ads, but you can get around that problem with the adfree app.

I'd just try the free versions of them until you figure out which one does what you want. Or just do the 15 minute trial of the full version from the android market.

crainger 04-17-12 03:34 AM

Thanks dude. I have 3 to try out now. I think I had Quick Office on my old Nokia E71. Might even get a discount. Not that it matters. I'll make work pay for it. ::p: The IT guys can work out volume discounts after that.

Oh and ::wonder::

crainger 04-25-12 11:49 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
Ok, just an update. I went with QuickOffice Pro HD. It had the option to wrap text in spreadsheets on the fly. Docs to Go displayed wrapped text, but you couldn't actually enable and disable it in app. It also supported dropbox on Android.

However all this was for nothing. The boss came in and said they are dropping all Android tablets and going iPad, seems the devs of the main GIS app we use can't get the Android version up to scratch. ::(:

Anyway, if you need an Android Office App. Quickoffice is way ahead of Docs To Go.
On iOS it's a little different. Docs To Go is universal and cheaper, with a feature set that almost matches QuickOffice.

ViN86 04-26-12 12:09 AM

Re: Team Android Unite
I use Quickoffice Pro, got it free through the Amazon app store.

crainger 04-26-12 06:26 AM

Re: Team Android Unite
It's a great app, sucks it's not universal on iOS. ::(:

Rakeesh 04-26-12 01:40 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
What do you mean by universal?

crainger 04-26-12 05:18 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
If I buy it on iPhone I don't have to purchase a separate iPad version. Most apps go universal, popular apps like Angry Bird don't to get an extra buck out of you. Others like QuickOffce rape you with 2x$20 hits. ::(:

Only one is allowed to rape me Rakeesh ::wonder::

crainger 04-26-12 09:11 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
Epic Fail. Android Quick Office Pro HD doesn't have the ability to freeze panes. The story of Android. All the effort goes into the iOS version. ::(:

ViN86 04-26-12 09:32 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
Huh? I got Quick Office Pro on the Amazon App store and I installed it for free on my Kindle Fire running ICS 4.0.4. :confused:

Or do you mean since you bought it on iOS it should be free on Android?

Hogrider 04-26-12 09:42 PM

Re: Team Android Unite
ViN have you been drinking again? :wtf:

ViN86 04-26-12 10:36 PM

Re: Team Android Unite

Originally Posted by Hogrider (Post 2550101)
ViN have you been drinking again? :wtf:

Maybe... :bleh:

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