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Jon 04-18-12 04:07 PM

Need a cheapish PCI-E sound card
Hi, I've just put together my new comp with 2x560 Tis after my non-ti 560s failed. I've only just got round to putting my X-FI XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro card back in, and with the Tis bigger heatsinks, it won't fit!

So I'm gutted. I don't want to spend a load of money on a new soundcard which I don't really want. But I do have a PCI-E 1x slot clear at the top of the board which will fit most sound cards (I hear longer ones are blocked by the memory slots on some boards).

So really, I just want to move from PCI to PCI-E with minimum of loss in quality.

I think this is my current card:

And this is the one I'm considering:

Can anyone help me?

Vincentx77 04-19-12 08:41 PM

Re: Need a cheapish PCI-E sound card
You may have a third option. You don't list what motherboard you have, but I'm going to assume it has fairly decent on-board audio, considering your CPU. You can have most of the functionality of an X-Fi with Creative's software solution. I think it's simply called Creative X-Fi MB2. You can buy it directly from them, and it works on most realtek audio solutions. It should give you ALchemy, EAX 5.0, Crystalizer, the EQ and other controls that the X-Fi cards offer, and it costs around $25. If you really want another dedicated X-Fi, the only you're looking at should be fine. The Titanium HD is the only one that is really special.

Tikimotel 04-21-12 05:50 AM

Re: Need a cheapish PCI-E sound card
I would recommend the recon3D card from creative. (plain pcb version)
(better windows vista/7/8 compatibility HD-audio)

With my X-fi titanium I had issues due to Pci-express bandwidth and SLi graphics cards.
I upgraded to the recon3d card to solve it.

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