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zappy71 09-12-03 01:48 AM

Latest drivers and Distro
Who has the latest drivers working flawlessly? What distro are you using> What kernel are you running? What did you have to do to get the drivers working with the distro? etc etc etc. I'm running RedHat8.0 with a VIA P4 chipset and Gf4 5200 and can't get any of the drivers to load and the box not lockup. I have read the multiple posts concerning this issue and have tried everything perscibed. I want to know what distro the drivers work with out-of-the-box I don't care what distro it is except Suse.


LordMorgul 09-12-03 02:18 AM

RedHat 9.0 installed and configured the 43xx and all newer drivers fine, with several different RH kernels (patch releases).

I've recently moved to the 2.6.0-test development kernels and they are working as well (with patches to installer sources). I used RH 8.0 with drivers up to the 41xx something, with no problems which leads me to believe it may be hardware related with your system :\

Perhaps your current hardware setup is causing conflicts, look into other peoples working hardware that is similar to yours rather than the distro.

<- P4 2Ghz Dell 340 Precision : GeForce ti4400 : Audigy Xgamer

zappy71 09-12-03 03:12 AM

Technically I would agree with you, but the fact that it works with the vesa driver leads me to believe thats it's driver related issues. There are numerous other people here that are having the same lockup problem and people have come in with all kinds of resolutions that don't work. X will run but anything can cause it to lock. I can ssh into the box and regain controll. If like you say it was hardware related the box would more than likely hard lock not soft lock.

pdavid 10-01-03 09:47 AM

Just a note that I have been experiencing the same problems, though with keyboard lockup as well.

i can ssh into the box, but have to kill X from there to regain control of the machine.

abit kt7a

everything works fine with nv drivers as well, but using nvidia as the driver (the latest one) causes the lockup to occur. it seems to be video related, because if i am just in a shell i can work to my hearts content. but the minute i try to open another window or run something else, it tries to render, then locks up....

anyone else?

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