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Ghosthunter 04-23-12 11:50 PM

Official Max Payne 3 Feedback Thread

Anyone excited? I played Max Payne 1 & 2 and loved them at the time not sure how this one will be, but those screens look awesome.

They released the pc specs, so glad I am upgrading my machine to take advantage of it.

crainger 04-24-12 01:52 AM

Re: Max Payne 3
I'm a little excited. I want to play Alan Wake first.

Recently played Max Payne 1 and 2 again. They hold up pretty well.

Max Payne 2 I will always remember. You know how during a life changing event you tend to remember one game or movie from that time?

BioHazZarD 04-24-12 05:52 AM

Re: Max Payne 3
35gb ? lol what... and i thought rage with 20gb was alot...

Ghosthunter 04-24-12 09:34 AM

Re: Max Payne 3
Yeah I saw 35GB, I was like wow wish I bought a bigger SSD...LOL

I also saw ram and they mention 16 GB at the high end, I am glad i went with 16 even though everything I read said never need more then 8

ElL33t 04-24-12 12:16 PM

Re: Max Payne 3
I loved 1 but 2 was just meh for me. This one does look fun though.

mailman2 04-24-12 01:09 PM

Re: Max Payne 3

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter (Post 2548931)
....even though everything I read said never need more then 8

They've been doing this for years... "you'll never need 4 cores...you'll never need more than 256k of ram"....lmao

there is ALWAYS a need for more. I bought 16GB knowing full well I'd be using it very soon.

$n][pErMan 04-24-12 07:12 PM

Re: Max Payne 3
I enjoyed Max Payne 1 & 2. Loved the story of both and how dark the game seemed as you played... like you had nothing to lose. I'll probably wait for user feedback before I decide to get it or not.

sillyeagle 04-26-12 01:28 AM

Re: Max Payne 3
Hmmm... just when I thought I was done with gaming. lol

Crow_Nest 04-26-12 05:38 AM

Re: Max Payne 3
Played the first and second game to death when i was a kid. Might pick this one up, somehow im skeptical. :/ But rockstar has never released a bad game before so my hopes are on that.

=assassin= 04-26-12 04:57 PM

Re: Max Payne 3

Originally Posted by K007 (Post 2549860)
those sys req specs are ludicrous..

Agreed, these are way over the top. No game should require anywhere near 35Gb for starters! It'll probably take longer to install than to play it :P

crainger 04-26-12 05:26 PM

Re: Max Payne 3
If it's textures I can understand. I mean most of us have no issue installing massive texture packs, maybe Max Payne 3 comes with massive high res textures.

That or something went wrong. Or could be a typo, maybe they mean 3.5Gb? ::bleh::

FastRedPonyCar 04-26-12 09:14 PM

Re: Max Payne 3
Huge size could be due to a large soundtrack (which rockstar are known for), if the audio is uncompressed, the dialogue and sound files can take up tons of space but in all reality, I hope it's just proper high res textures.

I'm with slawter on this one though. It's another "wait and see" for me. I loved the first one and the second one was pretty good too but I don't remember it very much.

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