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Flavius 09-12-03 10:10 AM

UT2K3 DM-Icetomb performance feedback needed ASAP!
Hey all, something is very odd with my 5900 clocked at 450/850 and 25.33 drivers in XP. It scores what it should in the 3DMarks. However, even when I play with 1024x768x32 4XAA/4XAF Quality with UT2K3 settings maxed, I drop to 17 FPS while in-game in DM-Icetomb, and once in a while down to SIX FPS! Yeah, a slideshow! Turning off AA/AF entirely, I still get FPS as low as 25 at 1024x768! That seems unreal, no pun intended, especially since Antalus and other maps run in the 40s at their slowest with 4XAA/8XAA! Can anyone reproduce this? Can anyone with an ATI card confirm this map is pretty fast? Numbers please? Thanks!

Behemoth 09-12-03 12:30 PM

here are some fraps logs in dm-icetomb on my p4 3G/ 1G ram/9800 pro system, all @ stock clocks.
game settings maxed, bot skill: adept, use map bot count, resolution: 1024x768. enjoy :)

4xAA 8xAF quality, spectate session with horizontal watching angle.
2003-09-12 19:09:29 - UT2003
Frames: 135274 - Time: 2146234ms - Avg: 63.028 - Min: 34 - Max: 150

0xAA 0xAF quality, spectate session with horizontal watching angle.
2003-09-13 01:05:57 - UT2003
Frames: 21263 - Time: 270891ms - Avg: 78.492 - Min: 42 - Max: 135

0xAA 0xAF quality, play session and run through every corners in the map a few times.
2003-09-13 01:10:58 - UT2003
Frames: 20237 - Time: 271234ms - Avg: 74.610 - Min: 44 - Max: 118

Behemoth 09-12-03 12:55 PM

antalus map, 1024x768

4xAA 16xAF quality, spectate session with horizontal watching angle.
2003-09-13 01:36:04 - UT2003
Frames: 21973 - Time: 394735ms - Avg: 55.665 - Min: 37 - Max: 73

4xAA 8xAF quality, spectate session with horizontal watching angle.
2003-09-13 01:43:46 - UT2003
Frames: 24384 - Time: 417812ms - Avg: 58.361 - Min: 38 - Max: 75

Flavius 09-12-03 01:02 PM

Wow, thanks Behemoth, granted, I'm running P3 2.7 with 512MB, but since UT2K3 is GPU limited, not CPU limited, that should not account for the phenomenal speed difference. It is painfully clear to me that my 5900 needs to go back and I need to bid my time for 9800XT, which will probably never drop below 40FPS min on any of these maps. I like my STAT FPS to stay GREEN. :-)

Behemoth 09-12-03 01:13 PM

no problem :)
by the way, check out the bf1942 performance too, you may want to throw your 5900 right away hehe, just kidding.

Flavius 09-12-03 01:26 PM

Can anyone with a 5900 please post some DM-Icetomb scores? It seems the fog effects on this map are totally killing my FX card for some odd reason.

RoachMojo 09-12-03 09:05 PM

Here ya go, Flav....
1024x768 4xAA 4xAF All detail maxed except for physics=normal. 45.33 drivers, Spectate mode following a bot (Adept, Default number of Bots).

DM-Icetomb Fraps capture:

2003-09-12 18:59:18 - UT2003
Frames: 98 - Time: 4844ms - Avg: 20.231 - Min: 18 - Max: 24

2003-09-12 18:59:33 - UT2003
Frames: 208 - Time: 8922ms - Avg: 23.313 - Min: 18 - Max: 33

2003-09-12 18:59:49 - UT2003
Frames: 32 - Time: 2859ms - Avg: 11.192 - Min: 11 - Max: 12

Wow, this sucks. It wasn't this bad before.....and see my specs.

Behemoth 09-12-03 09:47 PM

roachmojo, maybe your fraps logs were too short? all were less than 10 sec?

RoachMojo 09-12-03 09:56 PM

Nah, it was pretty much the same for about 10 minutes of play. I don't think it got above 40fps the whole time, but 11fps was the lowest I saw.

I'm going to remove these drivers, install the 45.23, and try again.

The Baron 09-12-03 11:06 PM

And I just tried to upload my DM-Icetomb demo (yes, the one I've been promising for way too long... stupid crap, meet the stick of death, stick of death, meet stupid crap), but realized I can't put it anywhere at the moment.

At 4xAA with my custom demo at 1024x768 with no AF, I am getting 42.289 FPS. At 640x480 and no AA/AF, I get 93.397 FPS. So, yeah, it's definitely GPU limited.

OWA 09-12-03 11:43 PM

Just a rough estimate...

FX 5900 Ultra @500/960 45.33s, XP 2800+, 1 gig ram, WinXP
1024x768 4xAA / 4X AF / all game settings max

Just spectating seemed to hover in the teens for quite a bit of the map, turned off hardware 3D+EAX sound and got back to the mid-20s. Parts would hit 50s, 60s, etc. but most of the time I'd say it was hovering around 23fps if anything at all was going on.

It definitely wasn't what I'd consider playable. Oh, for what's it's worth, my highest 3DMark03 has been 6411. I don't think it is translating well to the gaming world though. I think I'm getting too much stutter in a few other games as well.

Edit: stutter was probably a bad choice. I actually think I have two issues. Lower than expected framerates in some games when using AA and AF and stuttering occasionally when the framerates actually appear to be fairly high.

RoachMojo 09-13-03 12:16 AM

Well, I don't know what to say....

I went back to the 45.23 drivers and this is the result (same settings as before):

2003-09-12 22:06:01 - UT2003
Frames: 1243 - Time: 48875ms - Avg: 25.432 - Min: 11 - Max: 89

2003-09-12 22:09:28 - UT2003
Frames: 2566 - Time: 96781ms - Avg: 26.513 - Min: 13 - Max: 61

I don't remember ever seeing framerates drop as low as this before. What could be wrong? The 45.23 drivers are installed...

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