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paleq 09-13-03 06:00 AM

GDM and KDE problem
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Hi, I've posted this problem before, but i was unable to read any responses i might have had due to a holiday and the post has since been deleted, along with all the other posts of the same date.

The problem i've been having is really weird - it just started happening one day. Whenever i log out of X, it kicks me back to the linux prompt for about a second until it restarts the X server, then the screen is black, and the cursor appears, but the server dies after about 3 seconds. It does this about 5 times and then reports "could not start x session in short amount of time, disabling display 0" and kicks me back to the login prompt again. None of the X log files report anything going wrong, but whatever happens seems to happen just after the NVIDIA GLX module is loaded (see attached xfree86.0.log)

The second problem i've been having is with KDE. I use Gnome most of the time, so i never noticed this happening but when i could log into KDE using the graphical login (GDM in this case), KDE would load the desktop, and get to the 100% on "restoring session", but would just freeze, only allowing cursor movements. This just randomly started happening aswell, as i used to use KDE every one in a while.

Is there any way i can either fix these issues? either with my Mandrake 9 disc, or by just fiddling about with file permissions etc?

Thanks for your help, and for the help of people who posted last time.

paleq 09-13-03 06:03 AM

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here's my XF86config

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