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killough 09-13-03 05:14 PM

X lockups on rapid scrolling / movement
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Since some time around 2002, I have been unable to get the Nvidia drivers to work on my system, and I've had to settle for the 'nv' driver.

The X server locks up during rapid scrolling and must be killed through remote ssh login.

There are no errors reported in the log or problems starting X. The crash occurs afterwards, when running OpenGL or when scrolling text quickly, or when moving windows quickly with the mouse.

There are sometimes garbage pixels sprinkled on the screen at the time of the lockup.

At one point there was an older Nvidia driver I used with RH 7.2 on this same hardware, and it did not lock up, while the up-to-date drivers at that time locked up with these symptoms. So something in the Nvidia driver history changed which made this problem more likely (even if it's not a bug in the Nvidia driver, the driver change may act as a trigger or a catalyst for it). I don't have the good Nvidia driver version number handy, but it's over two years old and probably won't work with RH 9, which I'm now using.

The problem is reproducible every time with a simple command: cat /var/log/messages or any other large text file in an xterm. Or use an editor and scroll text down the screen quickly with the keys. Apparently the high-speed scrolling causes the X server to lock up. A tiny bit of garbage appears sprinkled on the screen as well.

Another cause of lockups is when using Nvidia's OpenGL driver. It almost always locks up.

And finally, lockups occur sometimes when using GUI applications like Galeon. Dragging a window's scrollbar or scrolling through a selection list or web page, often triggers it. I now treat windows with care, like they're explosives!!!

When using the 'nv' driver instead of 'nvidia', the lockups still occur, but MUCH, MUCH more rarely -- only once every few days of intense X activity -- and only through the last method (rapid GUI window movement) -- never through OpenGL or fast xterm text scrolling.

I've tried turning off AGP but it doesn't help.

I tested memory a while back when the problem first started, and it's okay.

Still happens with 1.0-4496.

I've always followed the instructions regarding XF86Config (removing Load "dri", and Load "GLcore", adding Load "glx" and Driver "nvidia", etc.) -- will post if desired.

Model: GeForce4 Ti 4200
IRQ: 11
Video BIOS:
Card Type: AGP
M/B: Gigabyte GA-8IHXP
Chipset: 850E
CPU: 2.26 GHz P4

killough 09-13-03 07:42 PM

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killough 09-13-03 07:52 PM

Oh, and the kernel is 2.4.20-19.9.

eliu 09-13-03 08:44 PM

Maybe you should disable AGP

Option "NvAGP" "integer"
Configure AGP support. Integer argument can be one of:
0 : disable agp
1 : use NVIDIA's internal AGP support, if possible
2 : use AGPGART, if possible
3 : use any agp support (try AGPGART, then NVIDIA's AGP)

killough 09-13-03 08:47 PM

> Maybe you should disable AGP

Already tried, RTFP.

killough 09-13-03 09:05 PM

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This is a C test program which reproduces the problem.

Rename it to scrolltest.c, then compile with:

cc -O scrolltest.c

./a.out will print numbers faster and faster, with the number representing a delay between prints.

At some point, usually between 100,000 and 300,000 (on a 2.26 GHz P4), the xterm locks up if the nvidia driver is used, but not if the nv driver is used.

Garbage appears in all or some of the xterm at the time of the crash. Sometimes all but the last text line is garbled.

If it makes it all the way down to 1, then the test has passed.

It seems like a timing issue. Perhaps the GA-8IHXP is not able to handle fast bus transactions, isn't supplying enough power to the card, or there is a software race condition.

AGP is disabled (see XF86Config).

No overclocking or "turbo" options are on -- just BIOS performance defaults. However, there might be some GA-8IHXP chipset setting which needs to be used with the nvidia card.

Main memory is 1GB of 1066 RIMM.

The main power supply is fine (550 W Antec).

No other problems appear on the system, and this problem of X crashing on fast scrolling or movement nearly goes away with the nv driver, leading me to suspect at first that these problems are closed-source software bugs.

Nuitari 09-14-03 01:50 PM

I had a Ti4200 that had similar problems, I got it replaced at the computer shop and now it stopped.

pdespres 09-16-03 03:02 PM

Similar problem with:

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+
Mandrake 9.1
XFree 4.3 path level 5mdk
Nvidia driver 1.0-4496
GeForce2 MX 100/200
IRQ: 16
Video BIOS: ??.??.??.??.??
Card Type: AGP

System hangs on scrolling but also on intense X usage. I am back on driver nv to see if the problem can be reproduce...

By the way, the /proc/driver/nvidia/card/0 do not give me the video BIOS... Is it normal?

Nuitari 09-16-03 03:11 PM


IRQ: 16
You should turn on "Assign IRQ to VGA" or something like that in the bios.

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